Uniformly Hot
Harlequin Blaze
ISBN: 978-0-373-79742-4
February 2013
Series Romance

San Diego, California - Present Day

After the death of their friend and teammate, Lieutenant Blake Landon and his team were given two weeks of leave—the last thing any of them wanted.  His leave will be up in a couple of days when Blake meets one of the sexiest women he's ever seen.  Yet, after losing his friend and watching the man's family grieve, Blake isn't about to start a relationship with any woman.

Alexia Pierce has just moved back to San Diego to begin a new job, and she's trying to decide what to do about the co-worker she's been dating.  On paper they're a perfect match, yet there's no spark at all—something glaringly obvious when she sees the gorgeous man on the beach and her libido takes notice.  Alexia was disappointed when Blake left the beach after just a brief conversation, so when she sees him again at a local bar later that night, she decides she's not about to let him get away this time. 

Growing up with a military father who cared more about his career than his children has left Alexia with one rule about dating—no military men.  In A SEAL'S SEDUCTION, Alexia will learn that there can be advantages to dating a SEAL, but it won't be an easy lesson.  Blake is so surprised that Alexia is interested in him as a man and not as a SEAL that he doesn't immediately realize that being a sailor is actually a bad thing in her eyes.  The heat between them is enough to singe the pages, and what started out as a one-night fling turns into something that worries them both.  But Blake's career stands between them and any type of future they may want.

For a fun, sexy romance, don't miss A SEAL'S SEDUCTION.

Jennifer Bishop