Kensington Aphrodisia
ISBN-13: 9780-7582-6565-4
November 2011
Erotic Romance

Detroit , Michigan – Present Day

Mandy Thompson is a private investigator, mainly specializing in cheating spouses.  Right now she's looking for Andrew Clark, one of Detroit 's richest men.  His wife suspects he's cheating on her, but their prenup specifies she must prove infidelity.  Mandy and her secretary/best friend Sarah Gray are in a sex club that Andrew goes to—Mandy posing as a waitress—when she meets Zane Griffin, owner of the club.  Before she can even get a picture of Andrew in a secluded suite, Zane spots her hidden camera, takes it, and escorts her out.

Zane is drawn to Mandy immediately, which is unusual because he is a Dom with his own clientele and mainly has sex with men, especially Bruce Reeves.  Bruce is Zane's frequently chosen partner.  He can't figure out why Mandy intrigues him so much, yet she keeps reappearing, trying to worm her way into his club.  He has to figure out her game.

Mandy and Zane start a relationship where Mandy doesn't know everything that Zane does, but discovers the submissive side of herself, something she's never done.  But her client's needs still have to be met, and her investigator part has several interesting customers.  But danger soon follows Mandy's footsteps, and she seriously doubts if Zane can commit to her, and whether she can continue with him by keeping it casual.

Tawny Taylor takes us deep into the world of exotic sex clubs and the Dominant/submissive lifestyle.  Naturally Zane is the Dominant, but it could be possible he is a vampire.  Mandy normally enjoys the different places her job takes her to, although her client's hurt feelings upset her.  Zane has been doing his Dom thing for years, but it's only when there are death threats against Mandy that he has to try and decide what direction he wants to go.  Told from both points of view, Ms. Taylor brings each of them to life, especially the lifestyle that Zane introduces Mandy to.

There are secondary characters with many different personalities.  Sarah is Mandy's secretary who wants to do what Mandy does yet has a different side to her.  Then there's Bruce, Zane's lover, who has a hold over Zane that Mandy doesn't know about.

DANGEROUS MASTER is not for the timid with its Dom/sub subject matter.  It's not just a sideline; it's woven into the entire story.  When danger and sex go together hand in hand, you need look no further than Tawny Taylor and DANGEROUS MASTER this month.

Cece Johns