ISBN: 978-0-006-290987-9
February 2020
Romantic Comedy

Washington, DC – Present Day

Three years ago, Lina Santos was dumped by Andrew Hartley just before the wedding ceremony. His excuse for breaking up at such at a late time is because he says his brother, Max, convinced him that he was doing the wrong thing in marrying Lina. Fast forward to the present day, and Lina, who has steeled her heart against falling in love again, suddenly finds herself working on a job proposal with Andrew and Max. Talk about the worst possible case scenario: working with the two men who helped break her heart.

Because of their past association, Andrew bows out and lets Max take over working with Lina. He doesn't remember what he told Andrew as they were both drunk but regrets whatever he said to his brother that caused the breakup. Lina isn't exactly forgiving, but they do have to work together. The time spent in each other's company leads to something unexpected: a mutual attraction. Yet, Lina can't forget what Max did to her. Max's guilt eats at him, but it doesn't matter. After they are forced to spend a night overnight at a couple's retreat while checking out a potential site, the attraction heats up—and the two make love. Is this just a fling, or can there be a chance that they can find love together?

THE WORST BEST MAN is a quirky, entertaining tale from Mia Sosa that revolves around a broken heart and a case of he said/she can't forget. Lina relies heavily on her family for support. Of course, being that her family is close—and Brazilian—there's plenty of flavor and opinions running throughout this tale. Lina runs a wedding planning agency (!!!) and Max's family works with the hotel company that wants to hire her services. What happened is that Lina needs a space to run her business out of and the hotel alliance would be a boost for her. But can she stand to work with the man who is a part of why she's not married today?

Max has always lived in Andrew's shadow, and it doesn't help that their mother likes to make her sons compete against each other. Their mother liked Lina and thinks Andrew made a big mistake breaking off with her. If she knew Lina is part of the project that she's assigned them, she'd be pushing Andrew onto her. Max is inserted as the buffer, but it soon turns into him liking her all too well. By the end of THE WORST BEST MAN, the truth—lots of it—comes out. How will that affect the way Lina feels about both brothers?

A fun tale that is both rollicking and emotional, don't miss THE WORST BEST MAN. Lina and Max try to start out as friends, but they soon discover they want more. Here's hoping they find their happily-ever-after.

Patti Fischer