A Colorado Ice Novella , Book 3.5
Forever Yours
e-ISBN: 978-1-4555-4004-4
July 2017
Contemporary Romance

Denver, Colorado – Present Day

Owen McConnell is used to being overlooked when he's with his best friend, hockey superstar Ben Westmore.  But when he meets Paige Adams at the Colorado Burn Treatment Center, he wishes she could see beyond his friend.  At one time, Owen had played hockey with the Colorado Avalanche as well, but left it behind to serve his country.  An accident during his second tour ended both his career in the Marines as well as his chance to play professional hockey again, and now he's both promotion manager and mascot for the team.  Unable to get Paige out of his head, Owen hopes that his job can help him to convince Paige to give him a second look.

After a vicious attack ended her modeling career and left Paige with scars, she started working at the Burn Treatment Center.   She's pushed everyone out of her life except her mom, and dating is the furthest thing from her mind…until she meets Owen.  Despite her wariness, Owen charms Paige, but is she ready to take a chance on romance?

Both Owen and Paige have had their lives and careers derailed thanks to violence, and are doing the best they can with their new paths in MAYBE THIS SUMMER.  Watching his best friend fall in love has Owen thinking that maybe he should start looking to settle down.  His instant attraction to Paige doesn't surprise him, but the way she won't leave his thoughts causes him to be a little more persistent than usual.  Paige has shied away from people since her attack, yet her body's response to Owen has her wondering if it's time to start truly living her life again.

Though a part of the Colorado Ice series, MAYBE THIS SUMMER features appearances by a few of the Westmore family who have been the focus of the series up until now, but can be read as a stand-alone.  A fun, sweet romance, check out MAYBE THIS SUMMER.

Jennifer Bishop