Colorado Ice , Book 3
ISBN: 978-1-455-59492-4
October 2017
Contemporary Romance

Glenwood Falls, Colorado - Present Day

Asher Westmore is only one game away from his one-thousandth NHL game when a bad check from his brother results in surgery to his ailing knee.  The only positive thing about having to recuperate in his home town is therapist Emma Callaway.  Ash and Emma have been best friends for close to a decade, and they added benefits to that friendship a few years back.  They get together whenever they're in the same town, but now that he's forced to stay in one place, he'll have more time to spend with Emma.

Emma's been in love with Asher for a while now, but she knows he's not interested in anything beyond the moment.  She's more than happy to help him rehab his knee, and she can't complain about the ability to see him every day if she wishes.  But will she be able to hide how she truly feels from him?  When a career opportunity comes up for Emma, she realizes that what had been an easy decision just a few months ago has become a bit more complicated, and may force her and Ash to define exactly what their relationship is.

They went from friends to lovers, but in MAYBE THIS CHRISTMAS, Ash and Emma will find out if they can be more.  The youngest of the Westmore brothers, Ash has always competed with his brothers, especially Ben.  Ash is about to hit a milestone earlier in his career than his brother had when Ben checks him into the boards and damages Ash's knee.  His focus has been his hockey career for as long as he can remember, but it's not until he's injured that Ash realizes how much Emma means to him.  He'd assumed that once his career was over there'd be plenty of time for a relationship with Emma.  Now, between being temporarily sidelined, and spending time with his brothers and their new fiancées, Ash starts to wonder if he can balance a career and a relationship.  A former athlete herself, Emma understands how important Ash's career is to him especially since an injury forced her to retire before she was ready.  She's happy with her career as a physical therapist, but the opportunity to further her education is one she can't pass up; if only the timing were better . . .

Fans of the Colorado Ice series will enjoy the chance to catch up with the family and finally see what happens with the youngest of the brothers.  However, as each story focuses on one of the brothers, you won't be lost if you haven't read the earlier books.  A fun, touching story, don't miss MAYBE THIS CHRISTMAS.

Jennifer Bishop