HQN Books
ISBN: 978-1-335-04150-0
September 24, 2019
Contemporary Romance

Wild River, Alaska – Present Day

Dr. Erika Sheraton is a dedicated doctor who may be too dedicated, as she has few friends because she is always working. However, a stressed-out Erika is causing tension at the hospital where she works, and with her father as the hospital administrator, she is under an even bigger microscope. But even she never expected to be forced by her father to take a vacation. With little interests or friends, she decides to visit her childhood friend, Cassie Reynolds, in Wild River. Soon after Erika arrives, she runs into Cassie's brother, Reed, a nemesis from high school. At first, things haven't changed between them, but a mutual attraction soon builds.

Reed is a member of the local search and rescue team, a job which intrigues Erika. It's exciting and dangerous—and something Reed enjoys. While he thinks of her as a bit of a stuck up at first, he soon realizes there are more layers to her than anyone sees. Her dedication to medicine and research is due to her losing her mother from cancer at a young age and she wants to be in on the search for a cure. Meanwhile, their building attraction leads to a few hot kisses…and more. Will they end up having a short fling? Is there any chance of a future for them?

As Erika and Reed explore what their attraction to each other means, he is called out on a search and rescue mission. She gets involved, which means using her medical skills and discovers a rush of excitement. Could Erika stay in Wild River and join Reed as part of the search and rescue team? What about the research trials that are about to start at the hospital when she gets back? Would she want to abandon her goals in order to follow her heart?

AN ALASKAN CHRISTMAS actually starts in November, with Christmas barely mentioned at first. But since Christmas is in the title, don't worry: the holiday will be incorporated as Erika and Reed's romance continues. Their relationship is adversarial at first, a lingering effect from their high school days. But soon things shift, as sexual awareness heats up. Is it just a sexual attraction, or can there be something deeper between them? They seem so different, yet they are more alike than either realizes.

In AN ALASKAN CHRISTMAS, Erika and Reed delve into the obstacles of a future between them. It's a journey that is introspective for both and will hopefully lead to a satisfying ending for them. Don't miss AN ALASKAN CHRISTMAS.

Patti Fischer