Lords of the Underworld , Book #13
ISBN: 987-0-373-78928-3
June 2017
Paranormal Romance

The Realm of Grimm and Fantica - Present Day

Thousands of years ago, when Zeus gave a box that served as a prison to demons to Pandora for safekeeping, his other warriors were a bit offended and decided to show Zeus that Pandora wasn't up for the job by killing her.  This opened the box, unleashing the demons into the world.  With the box missing, once the demons were recaptured, they needed a new home, and as punishment, the warriors were bound to the demons.  Now known as the Lords of the Underworld, they've searched relentlessly for dimOuniak (aka Pandora's Box) while also working to control their demons.  Over the past several years, the men have found women to share their lives with, leaving the lone woman warrior, Cameo, alone.

Cameo, keeper of the demon Misery, can cause weeping and depression, just with the sound of her voice, and can drain the joy from a party with her mere presence.  She's decided to follow Viola (Queen of the Afterlife and keeper of Narcissism) into the spirit realms, partly to bring her friend home, but Cameo also seeks Lazarus.  Her friends have told her that she spent time with Lazarus and they appeared close, but thanks to Misery, Cameo has no memory of their previous encounters. Something tells her that Lazarus is important to her future.

Lazarus the Cruel and Unusual has a few goals: vengeance on his father (for raping his mother);
Hera (for imprisoning his father and killing his mother), and Juliette (the Harpy who enslaved him).  He also intends to avoid Cameo at all costs.  Or have one perfect night with heróthat goal is still a bit up in the air.  He recognizes Cameo as the woman meant for him, but knows that his father's obsession with his mother caused the man's downfall, and Lazarus isn't about to lose himself, no matter how much he is drawn to Cameo.  He's shocked when she arrives in his kingdom, and overjoyed at the chance to get his night with her.  He hadn't counted on her not even knowing who he is, but he'll do his best to remind her of every moment they've sharedóbefore sending her back to her own realm.

Of course, between the nicknames Cruel and Unusual, and housing the demon of Misery, neither Lazarus nor Cameo is very good at making friends, and their road won't be an easy one in THE DARKEST PROMISE.  Like the rest of the Lords, Cameo's demon rules her life, causing misery not only in every person she's ever met, but also within herself.  Every time she opens her mouth to speak, the people around her cringe at the least, and that's without even unleashing the full force of Misery.  Though she's a warrior through and through, that doesn't mean she isn't hurt by the reactions of others.  Lazarus is the first man who is able to bear her voice, yet he's made it clear there's no future for them.

The thirteenth book in the Lords of the Underworld series, it's probably best to read the books in order so you have a better grasp of the world, because while each story focuses on one of the Lords, there is also quite a bit that carries over throughout the series.  Like the rest of the books in the series, THE DARKEST PROMISE is full of action, war, and even a few laughs.  While almost all of the Lords have found love and come to terms with their demons, there are still more demons out there, and the Underworld is in the midst of a war, so there are hopefully plenty more stories to tell.  A captivating story, don't miss THE DARKEST PROMISE.

Jennifer Bishop