A CLOCKWORK HEART - Liesel Schwarz
Book 2 in The Chronicles of Light and Shadow
Del Rey
ISBN: 978-0-345-54508-4
August 2013

London, England - 1904

Magic, science, and aviation combine inn this Steampunk/fantasy story of dirigible pilot Elle Chance (now Viscountess Greychester) as she comes to terms with her new life as the wife of warlock Hugh Marsh, Viscount Greychester. She still wants her independence, to come and go as she pleases, but Marsh isn't thrilled about that. Still, despite a few feelings of foreboding, Elle takes off on a delivery to Singapore. When she returns early, though, Marsh is gone, disappeared from the face of the earth. Sick with guilt and worry, Elle must use her ability as the Oracle to find and/or rescue her husband.

Well written and a thoroughly researched novel, A CLOCKWORK HEART is the second book in The Chronicles of Light and Shadow . Unfortunately, since I did not read the first book, my review will be short and sweet. I would have had to have read book one, A CONSPIRACY OF ALCHEMISTS, to truly understand what was going on. This is not a stand-alone book, and I would not do it justice by pretending to know all of the nuances of this story. However, I enjoyed the lead characters, and was appalled by the villains.

I commend the author on the details and characterizations and encourage readers to start with book one so as to enjoy this exciting series.

Jani Brooks