JAKE - R.C. Ryan
Wyoming Sky , Book 3
ISBN: 978-1-455-50244-8
March 2013
Contemporary Romance

Conway Ranch, Wyoming - Present Day

Known in the area as the hot bachelor veterinarian who has the ladies flocking to him, Jake Conway also keeps busy helping to run the family ranch. When he's called to a neighboring ranch to attend to a sick horse, Jake encounters the new owner, Meg Stanford, a beautiful, smart attorney from Washington, D.C. Meg was estranged from her late father and came to Wyoming upon learning of his death. She was surprised to learn that not only did she inherit the ranch, but custody of a seven-year-old half brother she didn't know existed, and now she needs to decide what to do about both. Jake, as helpful as ever, offers assistance in running the ranch, which Meg accepts. When mysterious attempts at breaking into the house occur late at night, Jake's protective instincts kick in, even as the attraction between them heats up.

Meg's mother ripped her from her beloved father as a child, and Meg thought he never cared as she never heard from him again. She's taken a few days off from work to sort his estate out, but never expected to find that a child would be part of it. Meg is torn by responsibility for her half brother, Cory, and getting back to her life in D.C., where she is a high powered attorney in line for a possible promotion. Things aren't easy and move slowly, but are further hampered by the mysterious break-ins. Along the way, Meg learns some surprising things about her father that change how she views him.

Jake is a man's man who is adored by the females he comes into contact with. Of course, his family-brothers Quinn and Josh, father Cole, and grandfather Big Jim-tease him about it all the time. But the moment he meets Meg, his life changes. She's like no other woman he's met-or wanted-before. Jake is aware that Meg's time in Wyoming is brief as her life is back in D.C., but he's willing to pretend for a few days that she's part of his world. And right now, she and Cory are being threatened by someone with an unknown agenda. No one will hurt them if Jake has his way.

Set in the beautiful foothills of the Teton Mountains of Wyoming, JAKE is the final tale in the Wyoming Sky series by R.C. Ryan. The Conway men are proud, upstanding citizens who will do anything to protect the ones they care for-and love. The Conway Ranch is the center of their lives, and they work tirelessly to run it. It's hard work, but our boys can do the job. While JAKE can be read as a standalone, it's best to read the other books in the series, QUINN and JOSH, to get to know-and love-the Conway brothers. By the end of JAKE, readers will get the answers to who is threatening Meg, solve the long ago disappearance of Jake's mother, and whether Meg will remain in Wyoming.

Riveting suspense featuring a cowboy who treats animals and a woman suddenly thrust back into a life she thought she'd never see again, JAKE is a well written romance I highly recommend.

Patti Fischer