Grayson Friends , Book 6
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-0-312-53649-7
July 2012
Contemporary Romance

New York City, New York - Present Day

With her cousin C.J. recently engaged and his best friend, Alex, recently married, Summer Radcliffe is feeling the sting of jealousy. After her parents' deaths, Summer moved in with C.J.'s family, so she's very close to not only C.J., but also Alex, and their other best friend, Payton “Sin” Sinclair.  Watching these two confirmed bachelors fall in love and being so friendly with the women in their lives, Summer can't help but wish she could find someone of her own.  And she's sure that it's this new envy that has her looking at Sin in a whole new way.

Sin knows that he can count on Summer for anything, and he's always tried to be just as reliable for her, so he's hoping she'll finally tell him what's been bothering her lately.  He's also hoping to convince her to cater and hostess the party he's throwing to bring together some of the athletes that he matches up with corporate sponsors.  While working together on the party as well as C.J.'s engagement party, Sin can't help but be amazed anew by Summer's talents, as well as what a wonderful person she is.  One unexpected kiss will change everything for Sin, but as strong as the attraction he feels for her is, Sin knows that nothing can ever happen between them.

In spite of the years of friendship between them, Sin is keeping a very big secret from Summer, but A DANGEROUS KISS throws all of his plans out the window.  Sin and Summer have always been close and always counted on one another, but the attraction between them is a surprise.  Since both hide their new feelings and try to deny them, they both are also worried about ruining their friendship by starting something new.  While this means the romance is a bit slow in developing, the friendship and interaction between them is fun to watch.

Part of the Grayson Friends series, there isn't any interaction with the Graysons, and the last three books have focused on the friendship between Alex, Sin, and C.J. as these three find the women they didn't even know they were looking for.  Fans will get a chance to check in with C.J. and Cecily (from WITH JUST ONE KISS) and see how the wedding plans are going, as well as visit with Dianna and Alex (from A SEDUCTIVE KISS).  A sweet friends-to-lovers romance with likable characters, don't miss A DANGEROUS KISS.

Jennifer Bishop