ONE SECRET NIGHT - Yvonne Lindsay
The Master Vintners, Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2217
ISBN: 978-0-373-73230-2
March 2013
Series Romance

Adelaide, Australia - Present Day

Still reeling from the news that his mother didn't die in a car accident twenty-five years ago as he'd always believed, Ethan Masters needs a distraction.  So when a colorfully dressed, beautiful blonde passes by, he follows her.  That decision is an impulsive one for the very controlled Ethan, but after sharing a dinner with the beautiful Isobel Fyfe, he again acts impulsively and invites her to his apartment.  One night of incredible sex with the free-spirited Isobel is just the distraction he needs, and then it's back to his normal, controlled—Isobel-free—life.

Except, it doesn't end there, when it turns out that Isobel is the photographer his sister contracted to shoot the new catalog for Masters Wines.  Ethan is upset to realize that Isobel didn't tell him they'd be working together, and even more worried that she might spill the confidences about his mother to Tamsyn, who still doesn't know their mother is alive.  But the effect Isobel has on his world is greater than he'd imagined, and for a man firmly rooted in family and traditions, a wandering woman like Isobel isn't what he needs, no matter what his body is telling him.

The third book in the Master Vintners series, ONE SECRET NIGHT features Ethan, the head of the family and the business since his father's unexpected death.  He was shocked to find out that his mother is not only still alive, but accepted money from his father to stay away from them all of these years.  He wants to confront his aunts and uncles, who knew about this, but he isn't willing to hurt Tamsyn, so he isn't going to say anything until he figures out what to do.  Almost as shocking is the fact that he confides in Isobel, a complete stranger, but there's something about her and the surprising intimacy they've shared, that causes him to do so.  Isobel is a photographer who travels the globe bringing to light the families and people who need help, such as the refugees situated between two war torn countries in Africa, who are still in danger because of the ongoing war.  The work she's doing for the Masters family helps to finance her other work, and after the hostilities she faced in Africa, a little fling with Ethan isn't a bad idea either.  She is almost as surprised as he when she finds out they'll be working together, but she handles it much better.  The chemistry between them sizzles, but Isobel has no intention of forming any commitments, and that stands solidly between them.

Not complicated by hidden agendas and manipulations, ONE SECRET NIGHT is a sexy romance between two strong willed people who need more than they are willing to admit, and was a joy to read.

Jennifer Bishop