A Dalton Gang Novel
Berkley Heat
ISBN: 978-0-425-25343-4
February 2013
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Crow Hill, Texas – Present Day

Three troubled teens thought they had left Crow Hill behind but are reunited when they are left a farm by their late mentors. Casper Jayne's mother sold her body to make money and made no bones about not caring for her only child. Casper desperately sought stability by spending time with his friends and hanging out at the Dalton farm, working hard in order to avoid being jailed. As soon as he turned eighteen, he left town and moved from town to town, but now he's back, joining his friends, Dax Campbell and Boone Mitchell, to rebuild the farm from the ground up. Boone's sister, Faith, holds a key to their success as a loan officer at the local bank. Casper is attracted to Faith, but the men have one rule that they can't break…no fooling with each other's sisters. But Casper is about to break it in a big way.

Faith had a teenage crush on Casper despite his upbringing being far different from her sheltered, comfortable life. He was left a dump of a house by his mother, and he comes to Faith asking for a loan so that he can fix it up. She can't give him a loan, but she offers him her own money instead. Casper refuses at first, but they soon come to an agreement. Meanwhile, the sizzling attraction between them heats up and neither can deny what is about to happen. Casper is breaking the “no sisters” rule, and while the sex is incredible, they have to keep it a secret for fear that Boone will find out.

Meanwhile, Casper has another secret: he discovered a runaway boy in his vacant house and, rather than turn the kid over to the authorities, he takes him in, giving the boy work to do in exchange for food and a roof over his head. Casper wants to take him in permanently but since he isn't considered an “upstanding citizen” he'll have to figure out a way to change things. Can his friends or Faith help him?

Alison Kent brings readers another scorching tale in the Dalton Gang series with Casper's story in UNBREAKABLE. Neglected by his mother and with an absent father, Casper's life tumbled out of control until he met the kindly couple who helped steer him, Boone, and Dax on the right path. Faith is the smart and beautiful sister of Boone—and someone who should be off limits to Casper. Yet the two click in a raw, sexual way that surprise both of them, culminating in a late night encounter in the kitchen with Boone sleeping upstairs. But the lust turns into out of control desire for the other. Dare they continue their forbidden affair in hopes the flames burn out?

Casper isn't looking for a forever kind of relationship, even though Faith hasn't asked him for one. Their encounters are spontaneous combustion that surprises them both, with the threat of Boone finding out adding a thrill. Faith has her own secrets that have left her ashamed and feeling unworthy of love. To most people, she seems self assured and in control of her life, but deep down there are scars. And for a small town banker she has money to burn, but won't say how she came into the money. Casper wants to rebuild his childhood home…for what reason? Live once again in a place that is filled with painful memories? Casper and Faith are scarred souls brought together after years of running away from giving in to their true feelings.

Scorching sex highlights UNBREAKABLE, but it's the strong emotional tide that rolls through this tale that will pull you in and make you unable to put it down. Will Casper and Faith discover love and happiness? Discover for yourself by picking up this sizzling tale.

Holly Tibbs