Daughters of Power: The Capital , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2216
ISBN: 978-0-373-73229-6
March 2013
Series Romance

Washington, D. C. and Australia – Present Day

Event planner Scarlet Anders had always been taught by her parents to act properly and never let the seeds of wildness sow in her brain. Social media billionaire Daniel McNeal lives for the moment and believes in total freedom—you never know what'll happen tomorrow. Scarlet's and Daniel's values clash, so why are they attracted to each other? Scarlet is hard at work on the preparation for a wedding when she falls off a ladder. Daniel rescues her, but once she awakens, she cannot remember who she is…and immediately exhibits wild behavior that includes her wanting to run off to Australia with Daniel for a taste of his home country.

The once staid and proper Scarlet is now a seductive temptress who clearly wants Daniel in her bed. He's doing the right thing by not taking advantage of her, yet even he soon cannot resist the call of the wild…sex. He wants Scarlet to get well, but once she does, how will she react when she realizes she acted wanton and wild around Daniel? Is he playing with fire just to satisfy his out of control lust for her?

Imagine yourself suddenly not being able to remember who you are or what your personality is like. For Scarlet in A WEDDING SHE'LL NEVER FORGET, she decides to go with what feels right, which is going after a man she's attracted to—Daniel. The people who are her parents are appalled, yet they are assured by Scarlet's friend and business partner, Cara, that Daniel is a good man. The uninhibited, sexy side of Scarlet has Daniel's hormones kicking in, but he wonders how she'll react when she remembers.

A visit to Australia brings Daniel and Scarlet closer, but does it bring back memories for her? Their closeness and her inquisitive questions have him once again facing his horrific childhood, of which the full story is revealed late in A WEDDING SHE'LL NEVER FORGET. For Scarlet, her brain begins to filter in other images that soon puzzle her. Does this explain her wild behavior after the bump on her head? How will she react once she remembers and realizes that she behaved totally uncharacteristically around Daniel?

A WEDDING SHE'LL NEVER FORGET is part of the Daughters of Power: The Capital series, and it's best to have read the prior two books in the series (A CONFLICT OF INTEREST and BEDROOM DIPLOMACY) to get up to date on what is going on in this tale as the ongoing presidential scandal continues to be addressed.

A complex and emotional tale that features a couple with a sizzling, yet seemingly unorthodox attraction is the highlight of A WEDDING SHE'LL NEVER FORGET and one that you won't want to put down once you start reading.

Patti Fischer