TWICE TEMPTED - Jeaniene Frost
A Night Prince Novel , Book 2
ISBN: 978-0-06-207610-6
February 2013
Paranormal Romance

Romania and the U.S. - Present Day

In the six weeks since Leila Dalton's boyfriend, Vlad, saved her life, she hasn't regained her psychic ability to glean information by touch, but she is still immune to fire.  Lately though, Vlad has been distant, and Leila can't help but wonder if the loss of her ability means that he's no longer interested in her.  When things don't go as she'd hoped, Leila heads back to the States and the carnival where she's spent much of her adult life.

When the trailer Leila shares with Marty (her partner in the carnival, and best friend) explodes, Leila is lucky enough to be spared the flames thanks to Vlad's immunity, but she knows that this wasn't an accident.  Maximus, Vlad's second in command, is still in the area, and helps Leila to escape, but who wants her dead now?  Leila's abilities have returned so she is able to determine who built the bomb meant to kill her, yet she knows that he is not the mastermind.  Is there an unknown enemy after Leila, or is it someone much closer to home?

Nobody ever said dating Vlad the Impaler—yes, that Vlad the Impaler—would be easy, but in TWICE TEMPTED, Leila realizes that loving him may not be enough.  While she knows that at more than six hundred years old, Vlad isn't like most boyfriends. Leila can't help but hope that he'll be able to wrap his head around some modern sensibilities so that they can have the type of relationship she hadn't believed would be possible until meeting him.  A car accident at fourteen and a downed power wire caused Leila's mother's death, and gave Leila some unusual abilities.  Not only can she “read” objects and use them to see the past or present, and even sometimes find the people who've left impressions on the objects, but she also can control electricity through her right hand.  Well, maybe control is overestimating it a bit, but with Vlad's help she's been learning to use the ability to save her life.

The second book in the Night Prince novels shows that defeating the bad guy isn't the end of the story, as Leila faces a new threat as well as her own doubts.  Vlad has already told her that love isn't a part of his life, but even the possibility of it would be enough for Leila, if only Vlad could admit to it.  Whether you've read the first book, ONCE BURNED or not, TWICE TEMPTED is a riveting novel that will keep you glued to the pages, and hopefully will not be the last we see of Leila or Vlad.

Jennifer Bishop