Monster M*A*S*H* Series, Book 2
St Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 978-0-312-54667-0
March 2013
Fantasy Romance


Dr. Petra Robichaud's enjoyment of the recent cease-fire comes to a screeching halt when her lover, Galen of Delphi, is called back to his unit.  As if his leaving isn't difficult enough, Galen breaks up with her completely, claiming that it's best for her.  After several days Petra receives a note that she assumes is from Galen, but it's actually about a meeting that will throw her life into chaos.

The man waiting for her is someone Petra knew long ago, but who is serving in a M*A*S*H* unit for the old god's army—the other side of the war.  He and his mentor had been working on a weapon, but the mentor disappeared and is now apparently haunting their lab.  Her visitor wants Petra to go AWOL and cross the Great Divide in order to infiltrate an enemy M*A*S*H* unit and talk to the ghost.  Her ability itself is enough to get her killed or worse; skipping out on her army is something even more dangerous—but Petra knows she'll do it.  Another prophecy has been announced, one warning that a powerful new weapon is about to be unleashed, and since Petra knows that she is the Peacekeeper destined to be instrumental in the end of the conflict, she knows that she'll have to take this trip, no matter the risks to her job—or her heart.

Petra never believed in much that couldn't be proven by science, but when it became clear that she is the peacekeeper that the soothsayers are talking about, she reluctantly put her faith in the prophecies.  In IMMORTALLY EMBRACED, the second book in the M*A*S*H* series, she and the other doctors in her unit are enjoying the break from battle injuries and death and have opened a clinic to help the creatures in limbo with everyday ailments.  Having Galen reassigned wasn't a surprise, but his breaking all ties to her is.  This the second time she lost a man to this never-ending war between the gods, and with another prophecy coming, Petra knows she can use some help.  There are plenty of shocks in store for Petra that will keep readers guessing and on the edge of their seats.

This is a series that I would recommend reading in order, because IMMORTALLY EMBRACED picks up pretty much where IMMORTALLY YOURS left off, plus it will give you a better sense of the background of the series and some of the characters.  Either way, IMMORTALLY EMBRACED is an engaging, and action-packed story.

Jennifer Bishop