YES, MASTER - Tawny Taylor; Anne Rainey; Vonna Harper
Kensington Aphrodisia
ISBN: 978-0-7582-8784-7
March 2013
Erotic Romance

Stark Pleasure - Tawny Taylor

To make ends meet, Alice Barlow accepts a job as a model, posing for an artist.  Not entirely comfortable to be posing nude at first, Alice gradually loosens up—until a strange man walks in.  After the session, she sees the man, who she now knows to be Tristan Stark, and ends up stuck in an elevator with him.  She's attracted to Tristan, and is surprised when he asks her for a date.  Alice had already decided that Tristan will be the first man she sleeps with, but when he shows her to his dungeon instead of his bedroom, she's shocked… and even more intrigued.

Just before graduation, Alice is going to get a few new lessons.  Though a bit nervous about what could happen because of the limited knowledge she has, Alice trusts Tristan, and is willing to try anything if it means being with him.

Ruby's Awakening - Anne Rainey
Ohio - Present Day

Ruby's not really sure what possessed her to watch her sexy neighbor entertaining his date, but she can't take her eyes off of the couple.  Just breaking up with the guy she'd been dating has wrecked Ruby's plans to celebrate her promotion, but watching Drake and his friend prompts Ruby to enjoy a solo celebration.  When her ex shows up a little while later, Drake surprisingly comes to her rescue, and she agrees to have lunch with him to thank him.  For a woman who's accustomed to being in charge of her life, Drake and his tendency to cause her to lose control isn't always comfortable.  But it sure is fun.

Ruby never takes risks in her life, but a chance encounter causes her to take a closer look at her sexy neighbor, which leads to Ruby's Awakening .  She's made a few assumptions about the kind of man her neighbor is, but Drake soon shows her how wrong she is, and how enjoyable in can be to let things go.

Runa's High
- Vonna Harper

Runa Mullan is hoping that Olympic silver medalist Jeff Tappe will help her to reach her goal of breaking a school record, but instead of giving her running tips, he confuses her and then sends her to a physical therapist for a massage.  Former pro football player Ken Paro is unlike any therapist she's ever known and they way he handles her body has Runa fantasizing like crazy.  She's lived her life rigidly in control of every aspect, but Ken quickly shows her that he's in charge—and she likes it.  And when Jeff arrives, Runa learns that giving in is more freeing than she'd ever imagined.

Runa is a determined and focused woman, more interested in her track career and her graduate studies than men or frivolity, but Jeff and Ken are going to show her there is more to life in Runa's High .  Both men have learned that sports careers aren't finite and intend to teach Runa the same lesson, as well as get her in touch with her submissive side.

Three stories of submission and erotic fun, they also have in common the fact that this lifestyle is completely new to the women.  Join these women as they explore the kinkier side of sex in the scintillating anthology, YES, MASTER.

Jennifer Bishop