Untamed Highlanders Series
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-250-06970-2
January 2016
Historical Romance

Scotland 1813

The Laird of Dunnet has sent his younger brother, Andrew, and a band of men to protect his wife's family's holdings in Reay. Neighboring rivals are threatening Magnus Dounreay's life, stealing cattle, and burning crofts. When Andrew and his men arrive, they are met by Dounreay's daughter, Andrew's sister-in-law, Susana, who is furious to discover that he is there to take over guarding her father's lands. Up until this point, Susana had been in charge. To make matters worse, Susana is angry that Andrew has no memory of their time in Perth six years before.

Susana is loath to give up her leadership, and she makes no bones about that to Andrew. As far as he is concerned, he'd like to woo the fiery red-head, for she reminds him of someone he has never been able to forget. But with constant threats from the neighboring lairds, Andrew knows he must work with Susana to formulate a plan to keep her father's lands safe. Partnering with her, however, is exceedingly difficult. Susana fights him every step of the way.

SUSANA AND THE SCOT is the second book in the Untamed Highlanders series. With the marriage of Susana's sister to the Laird of Dunnet, Susana was sure that she would be left alone in Reay to run her father's estate, raise her young daughter, and not have to deal with men. But the unexpected arrival of Andrew has set her life spinning as she remembers their earlier meeting. Andrew has always compared his conquests over the years to the lovely memory in Perth. He is thoroughly confused by the temperamental Susana, and he's determined to overcome her disgust with him. Still, he must also deal with the reason he was sent north, and Andrew must discover who is responsible for the threats.

A thoroughly enjoyable, well written tale, SUSANA AND THE SCOT is filled with adventure, drama, humor, and lots of romance.

Jani Brooks