The Billionaire's Legacy , Book 8
Harlequin Presents #3497
ISBN: 978-0-373-06037-5
February 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Isola D'Oro – Present Day

Assigned by his ailing grandfather to find a lost painting, billionaire Alessandro Di Sione is sent to visit exiled Queen Lucia of Isola D'Oro to learn if she has it. She doesn't, but knows it is on the island of Isola D'Oro and instructs Alex to go after it, but with the stipulation that he take her granddaughter, Princess Gabriella, with him. He agrees, but because Gabriella might be recognized as a princess in a country where she's no longer welcome, she must pretend to be his assistant and shall dress dowdily. Even with her disguise, Alex is finding himself intrigued and attracted to Gabriella.

There is a large age gap between Gabriella and Alex, but sexual attraction doesn't care. Gabriella's life has been sheltered and she is a virgin, but she increasingly wants Alex to be the one to initiate her in the age-old rite of lovemaking. Alex is still pained by the circumstances surrounding the loss of his parents and feels that he has no right to fall in love and marry. Besides, Gabriella is too young. Will Alex break his vow not to give into the attraction he feels for Gabriella? What about the painting? Will they find it and discover why it's so important to his grandfather?

As head of the family, Giovanni Di Sione is well-loved by his grandchildren, and they will do anything as his health fails. In each of the seven prior books in The Billionaire's Legacy series, he has sent one of his grandsons to search for and bring back an item, such as jewelry, that once belonged to his “lost mistress.” Alex's mission is to find a missing painting, but he must first talk to Queen Lucia about its location. Alex probably wouldn't have taken Gabriella with him to Isola D'Oro if the queen didn't require it, but once they're on the trip, her innocence and intelligence enchant and intrigue him. Once he realizes she's a virgin, he swears that he won't be her first lover, but she proves too hard to resist.

Gabriella initially finds Alex hard and unlikeable, but she is also curious as to what makes him tick. Once the painting is found, then THE LAST DI SIONE CLAIMS HIS PRIZE shifts to the intense feelings that have developed between Alex and Gabriella. The queen tells them that the truth about the painting's background will be found in New York City, which is where they head. Once there, will Alex finally give into his growing attraction to Gabriella?

Both Alex and Gabriella had painful childhoods, so in a way they should be kindred spirits. In THE LAST DI SIONE CLAIMS HIS PRIZE it takes until they almost lose one another that they realize they can't live without each other. A charming tale, pick up a copy of THE LAST DI SIONE CLAIMS HIS PRIZE.

Patti Fischer