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Harlequin Presents #4170
ISBN: 978-1-335-59319-1
February 2024
Contemporary Series Romance

Swiss Alps & New York City – Present Day

Heiress Lyssia Anderson is hoping to have a sexy rendezvous with her father’s newest assistant but when she arrives in the Swiss Alps for a meeting with him at her family’s luxurious chalet, it’s her old nemesis Dario Rivelli who greets her. Turns out that instead of Carter coming, it is Dario who stepped in for their meeting. Dario has been a pain in the side for Lyssia since he became her father’s trusted employee and friend years ago. Dario treats Lyssia with disdain, as he thinks she is a pampered heiress. He probably isn’t far off, but she has tried for years to get her father to take her seriously. In fact, she may not inherit her father’s company even though she is his only child. Instead, it looks like Dario will get the honor. 

Sparks have always flown between Lyssia and Dario and in THE ITALIAN’S PREGNANT ENEMY, they finally get to act upon them. Dario didn’t think that she took working at her father’s company seriously and he had been in discussions with him to buy the company. She wants to immediately leave the chalet but is unable to because a sudden snowstorm has stranded them. They spend a little time getting to know each other and he lets her know that he has been attracted to her. They decide to while away the time (it may be days before the snow is cleared) by having a fling. She’s on a low-dose birth control pill so condoms won’t be needed. Nothing will go wrong, right?

Once Lyssia and Dario return to New York City, their paths do not cross again until she comes to his office one day. What she tells him will change their lives forever. Will it bind them for life, or will it just be a blimp? She still must contend with the fact that her father looks at Dario as if he is the favored son. Lyssia isn’t stupid. She just hasn’t had a chance to prove she is good at something, which right now is her decorating business. Even Dario begins to see her in a new light. Will being together change how her father sees her?

It is like a spark being lit to a gasoline can in THE ITALIAN’S PREGNANT ENEMY as the attraction between Lyssia and Dario turns explosive. One issue they have is that he doesn’t think of himself as being worthy of her due to his traumatic childhood. Can Lyssia soothe the wounded beast? Find out what happens by grabbing a copy of THE ITALIAN’S PREGNANT ENEMY.

Patti Fischer

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