TAKE ME, COWBOY – Maisey Yates
A Copper Ridge Novel

Harlequin Desire #2437
ISBN: 978-0-373-73450-4
April 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

Copper Ridge, Oregon – Present Day

For Anna Brown, having a boyfriend in her life is of low priority, partly because she's too busy building up her business and because Anna is like one of the guys . When she's invited to an important charity event, she makes a bet with her brothers that she won't be able to get a date to go with her. She checks out the guys in town, but none of them is Mr. Right, mostly because she acts unlike a lady and has a mouth to match. Her best friend, Dylan McKay, agrees to go with her and offers to help her become a lady ala My Fair Lady. The beautiful clothes and sprucing up her looks soon have people turning their heads…especially Dylan.

Letting Anna wear her hair loose and putting on a dress has Dylan reacting in ways he never experienced before while around her. He suddenly is finding her attractive, but he promised her he'd help her smooth out her rough spots and make her a lady, even if for only a few days. Of course, a lot of people think Anna's makeover and Dylan's attentiveness is fake, which means they have to act like lovers in public. But soon Dylan can't resist kissing Anna, and it leads to more. Will falling in love and then breaking each other's hearts lead to the breakup of a beautiful friendship?

It's friends to lovers for Anna and Dylan in TAKE ME, COWBOY, Maisey Yates's latest tale in the Copper Ridge series. They've known each other for fifteen years, starting as teenagers, but Dylan has set his mind on not ruining his wonderful friendship with Anna by testing the waters of romance with her. Anna has only had one lover, and it wasn't a good experience, so she's kept herself unattractive and acting like one of the guys. If one happens to get too close, she pushes him away. Dylan is going to have to bring out the softer side of Anna, and when he does, all he can think about is making love to her. She has the same unexpected reaction to him, but since he's a known lady's man, she doesn't want to be another notch on his bedpost.

After mutual attraction rises between Anna and Dylan, the tension becomes thicker than pea soup. They want to deny it, or at least downplay it, but it can't be avoided, especially when they challenge each other—Dylan wants Anna to act like a lady and not snarl at men, while Anna wishes she could be the woman who wins his heart…for a lifetime. The first kiss between them is fiery hot, and both want it to turn into more, even as they deny the inevitable… But the attraction is impossible to deny.

Will Anna turn into the lady whom Dylan wants by his side as his wife for the rest of their lives? TAKE ME, COWBOY will win the thumbs up from readers as two likeable characters fall in love and make this tale one that I highly recommend.

Patti Fischer