SEDUCE ME, COWBOY – Maisey Yates
A Copper Ridge Novel
Harlequin Desire #2503
ISBN: 978-0-373-83830-1
March 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Copper Ridge, Oregon, Present Day

As the sheltered daughter of a minster, Hayley Thompson hasn't experienced much outside Copper Ridge, but she's determined to begin. First off, she quits her job as the church secretary, moves out of her parents' home, and applies for a job with reputed bad boy construction owner Jonathan Bear. To her surprise, he hires her on the spot. Working for Jonathan isn't what Hayley expects, such as the office being part of his home and that he expects her to do more than office work, which includes making meals for him. But he also makes her curious about him.

Jonathan doesn't know what he was thinking hiring innocent Hayley, but something about her intrigues him. She tells him about her plans to eventually see the world and experience things she hasn't done before. While her naïveté amuses him, it also makes it clear Hayley is off-limits.  Yet, this doesn't stop him from wanting her, but getting involved with a virgin is not something he should do, especially in a small town like Copper Ridge where everyone seems to know what you're doing. To say the least, Jonathan wants to do some naughty things to Hayley's body.

Hayley has a squeaky-clean image and feels like she is living under a microscope. She wants to explore the world, and her first step was breaking away from her family's influence. She's living on her own, but needs a job, and it so happens that Jonathan is looking for a secretary. He's gruff and snarly like his last name, but Hayley doesn't let that intimidate her. There's just the two of them in the office, which leads to their working closely. But Jonathan soon discovers that beneath Hayley's sweet exterior is a tiger waiting to roar. Is it going to be with him that she finally breaks free?

Raised fatherless and with a mother who didn't act very maternal, Jonathan basically raised his sister, who recently became engaged to a man he's not sure about. Jonathan has kept to himself mostly, finally enjoying the spoils of being rich and able to build his dream house up on a mountaintop. As Jonathan and Hayley get to know one another, the sexual attraction between them grows, leading to a sizzling kiss…and soon, much more. But will taking Hayley's virginity lead to commitment…and marriage?

SEDUCE ME, COWBOY is a sexy and passionate tale of a couple taking the first tentative steps to discovering themselves. Hayley has the goody two shoes reputation, while Jonathan is the mysterious lone wolf who has built a fortress on the mountain. They seem so different at first, but the passion between them throws off sparks. Once Hayley has tasted the magic of lovemaking from Jonathan, she's nearly insatiable. But is her heart going to be broken? While part of the Copper Ridge series, SEDUCE ME, COWBOY pretty much stands on its own even as several prior characters pop in and out.

A red-hot love affair between an innocent and a bad boy has the pages sizzling in SEDUCE ME, COWBOY by Maisey Yates, one readers don't want to miss.

Patti Fischer