NEED ME, COWBOY – Maisey Yates
A Perfect 10
A Copper Ridge Novel
Harlequin Desire #2653
ISBN: 978-1-335-60355-5
April 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Copper Ridge, Oregon – Present Day

Levi Tucker was in prison for five years for a crime he didn't commit, but now he's a free man and doesn't plan to waste any time on realizing his dream: a custom-built home in the mountains above Copper Ridge. He wants local architect Faith Grayson to design it and at first, she turns him down. But she finally accepts the job and when they finally meet, sparks fly between them. Levi was already a tough dude before he went into prison but now, he's even tougher. Will he scare off Faith before they can even get to know each other?

Faith is intrigued by Levi because he's so much different than any other man she's known. His tattoos are sexy and his surly “take no prisoners” attitude turns her on. He makes it clear that he thinks she is too sweet and innocent for him. Can Faith convince him that she wants to take a walk on the wild side…with him?

One couldn't blame Levi for being angry at the world in general after he was accused, convicted, and imprisoned for the murder of his wife. However, no body was ever found, and he would've stayed in prison except his missing wife tried to siphon money out of his bank account and that alerted authorities. Yeah, he hates her and he's in the midst of finalizing their divorce, but now he's a free man and trying to rebuild his life in the town that once saw him as a murderer. Levi's way of getting back is to build a big house on the hill so he can shove it in everyone's face that he's back. Faith is the best architect in town, so he wants her to design it. Levi is stunned by his reaction to Faith. He has no plans to bed her, even if he wants to…badly…but she is too delectable, especially when she makes it clear she's receptive to his attraction. What happens when he finally gives in to the lust that's driving him crazy?

Faith wants to break out of the good girl mold that her overprotective brothers have placed her in. Yes, Levi is big, bad, and maybe dangerous, but he's deliciously sexy. After convincing him that she can do the job, she starts the project…without telling her brothers, her partners in their business. Of course, once Levi and Faith finally give into the passion, she decides to keep their affair a secret from her family, except she soon can't stop spilling the news that she's in love with him. How will Levi react when he finds out about her feelings? How will her family react?

Who doesn't love a bad boy hooking up with a good girl? In NEED ME, COWBOY by Maisey Yates, the latest installment in her  Copper Ridge  series, this is exactly what happens between Levi and Faith. He's had a lot of bad luck in his life, but maybe Faith will be his lucky charm. A tale of redemption and new beginnings, it's one that I thoroughly enjoyed reading so much that I gave it  A   Perfect 10.  I encourage you to not miss NEED ME, COWBOY.

Patti Fischer