DEVIL'S GAME - Joanna Wylde
Reapers Motorcycle Club , Book 2
ISBN: 978-0425272350
June 2014
Contemporary Romance

Em Hayes does not have it easy, even as the daughter of the president of the Reapers Motorcycle Club. The bikers all treat her as either a little sister, or they are completely hands off. Her father, Picnic, doesn't help much; he's so intent on making sure she doesn't hook up with one of his club brothers that he kind of misses Liam "Hunter" Blake.  Hunter is sexy, hot, and very interested in Em. And so it happens that Em and he develop a very intense cyber relationship. Hunter belongs to a rival club, the Devil Jacks, and he knows full well that Em is Picnic's daughter, but Em doesn't know much about Hunter. The two clubs have had some tense moments recently, and Hunter has helped negotiate a truce with the Reapers.

Suddenly, and very unexpectedly, things take a drastic turn for the worse when Hunter's club brother is hurt, presumably by the Reapers. Hunter capitalizes on his budding relationship with Em by kidnapping her during their initial date. Needless to say, that doesn't sit well with Picnic and the Reapers, and it certainly doesn't sit well with Em, who proves to be a strong, wily and smart captive, but she is torn between Hunter's betrayal and the intense attraction they share. What to do? Hunter, meanwhile, remains interested in Em and has no plans to let her go, but can they overcome the potentially insurmountable problem of being in rival clubs and still manage to build a relationship?

DEVIL'S GAME is the third in this series, so naturally, I've met some of the characters before and, in fact, part of the story is retold in this novel, bur from a different character's perspective, which is innovative and very effective. So, what am I doing reading a romance series based on a motorcycle club? I've boiled it down to two simple words: it's fun! But why? Let's see, the writing is great, the romance is steamy, and the characters are smart, multi dimensional and super interesting. There are characters galore, and they're all fleshed out nicely, with their own little quirks that make them individuals. The kidnapping plot line was interesting and a little deeper than most, even though it is familiar. I've got it! Reading this Reapers Motorcycly Club series is like reading Shakespeare, only they all wear cuts and have tattoos and ride big old Harleys. And they don't speak in verse…they curse all the time and seem to only want to have sex. Is it perfect? No, but really, Shakespeare wasn't either.

If you're a fan of motorcycle club romances (or Shakespeare), give DEVIL'S GAME a try. You won't be disappointed.

Astrid Kinn