Ocean Breeze Series, Book 2
ISBN-13: 978-0-7783-1442-4
May 2013
Contemporary Romance

Sand Castle Bay, North Carolina Present Day

Public Relations guru Gabriella Castle has had her world collapse right on top of her.  She just lost her job, and her future is uncertain.  She's pregnant!  The baby's father ran for all he was worth when Gabi told him she was expecting. Gabi only wants to be around her family in Sand Castle Bay.  Her grandmother's restaurant, Castle's By the Sea, is the most welcoming sight of all right now.  Gabi's sisters, Emily and Samantha, are there, but she has no need to worry; she only told one sister she was expecting, but now they all know!

Wade Johnson lost his wife and unborn child in an accident several years ago, and he was barely able to get through the pain that followed.  But his carpentry saved him, and he found solace in his work.  Wade met Gabriella on her recent trip to Sand Castle Bay, and he's been waiting for her to return, but he never expected to see her walk into the restaurant several months pregnant! Pregnancy means she's involved with a man, and Wade is unhappy at that prospect.  Gabi, however, is drifting inside a confused muddle.  Usually, she's the sister with a plan for any given situation, but right now Gabi has no idea what to do.  She's not sure if she will keep the baby or give him or her up for adoption. Thanks to a healthy settlement she negotiated with her ex-employer, she has enough money until after the child is born, but then what will she do?  If her employer let her go because an unwed mother is not a proper example for their business, how can she expect to find another job in the same industry?  And heaven forbid; somehow, she has to find a way to break the news to her straight-laced father!

Gabriella Castle is pregnant and in a quandary as we're back at SAND CASTLE BAY (April 2013) and our favorite family restaurant, Castle's By the Sea.  WIND CHIME POINT is the second novel in the Ocean Breeze series, and is followed by SEA GLASS ISLAND in June.  Cora Jane Castle runs her restaurant with a little help sometimes from her granddaughters, Samantha, Gabriella, and Emily.  Emily is planning her wedding to Boone Dorset, and she agrees to put the ceremony off until Gabi has her baby and can fit into a bride's maid dress.

Wade Johnson has been interested in Gabriella ever since Cora Jane started to play matchmaker and push them together.  He still hurts something awful missing his wife and child.  As he and Gabi drift into a relationship, Gabi's situation threatens Wade's peace of mind, as he will essentially lose yet another child if she decides to give up her baby.  Meanwhile, Gabi is at a crossroads in her life while she worries about her future.  But when she stumbles upon some handcrafted wind chimes in a small store, she begins to come out of her depression.  Wade and Gabi have a ways to go before they are a couple, and the fault is mostly Gabi's.  She just cannot decide what to do with her life, and even though Wade has assured her he loves her, she's afraid of hurting him. Join us at Sand Castle Bay to see how their lives take a new turn.

WIND CHIME POINT is the second story in the Ocean Breeze trilogy; you'll love it!

Diana Risso