Little Secrets Series
The Ballantyne Billionaires , Book 4
Harlequin Desire #2565
ISBN: 978-1-335-97125-8
January 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

New York City Present Day

Three years ago, Sage Ballantyne and Tyce Latimore had a torrid fling, but with no commitment promised, they eventually broke up. One night, Sage is at an exhibit of Tyce's art, secure in the knowledge that the normally elusive artist won't show up, when in fact he does appear. The sparks fly between them again, and before the night is over, they're having a one-night sexual reunion. She plans to never make the same mistake twice, but a positive pregnancy test forces her to realize she can no longer avoid her baby's father.

Tyce is stunned to learn Sage is pregnant with his child. After a childhood where his depressed mother became unfit to care for him and his younger half-sister, Lachlyn, he doesn't plan to get married anytime soon or have children. Sage's pregnancy is something he's having a hard time adjusting to, plus it might complicate what he's about to do: introduce Lachlyn to the Ballantyne siblings as their half-sister. Tyce has also purchased a sizeable chunk of the Ballantyne company stock that he hopes to use as a lever to force them to accept Lachlyn.

An unexpected pregnancy forces Tyce and Sage to work on a future together in UNEXPECTEDLY PREGNANT by Joss Wood. Sage has been the only female among the Ballantyne siblings, but it's about to change when they learn their now deceased adoptive father has a daughter he didn't know about. Tyce was fishing for info when he chased after Sage three years ago, but having an affair with her wasn't in his plans, which is why he abruptly ended their romance, telling her he wasn't the marrying kind. Sage has tried to avoid him, but didn't expect him to show up at his art exhibit. He never does! Until now.

Tyce's first responsibility is making sure Lachlyn gets what's rightfully hers: part of the Ballantyne stock and an acknowledgement of her paternity. While the Ballantyne siblings are shocked at the news, they warily do the right thing by first getting a DNA test, then accepting her into their family when it comes back proving who her birth father is. Meanwhile, Tyce and Sage circle around each other like animals in heat. There's a burning attraction between them, but is it enough to grow into something that is lasting? Tyce carries the scars of his mother's failure at childrearing and he isn't sure he wants to face a possible rejection by Sage. Getting pregnant before they have any kind of relationship is not the best way to do things!

UNEXPECTEDLY PREGNANT is an emotional journey for both Sage and Tyce as they struggle with the decision about a future together and for their baby. Sage has a tendency to withdraw into herself, while Tyce is a temperamental artist. These two are going to have to compromise to find a way to reach their happily-ever-after. Readers won't want to miss the intriguing UNEXPECTEDLY PREGNANT.

Patti Fischer