From Mavericks to Married , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2454
ISBN: 978-0-373-73467-2
June 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

Vancouver, BC and Cap de Mar, Puerto Rico – Present Day

Sexy millionaire and hockey superstar Mac McCaskill is in need of a physical therapist who will be discreet after an injury threatens to end his career. Getting the best means calling in Rory Kydd, but there's a past between them. Mac once dated—and publically humiliated—Rory's sister, Shay, ten years ago. But with a potential sale of the Vancouver Mavericks on the line, Mac has to get healed fast. Rory is convinced to take on the task, but even she admits there's still this sizzling attraction that's lingered between her and Mac since the night they nearly kissed ten years ago. Rory intends to keep her sessions with Mac purely business, yet the man is too darn sexy to ignore.

Mac regrets that he hurt Rory's sister, though he wonders if he'd picked the wrong sister to date all those years ago. Rory is a pint-size whirl of energy who keeps him on his toes. While he promises to follow her orders in his therapy exercises, he keeps trying to circumvent them. Due to the tenuous nature of the potential sale of the team, Mac has to keep the seriousness of his injury secret. That is when it's decided he will do his recovery in Puerto Rico at a secluded home that he and his two best friends, Kade Webb and Quinn Rayne, jointly own. Of course, this means Rory will need to be there also. Alone, with him.

A decades old secret attraction by Rory for Mac rises to the surface in Joss Wood's TRAPPED WITH THE MAVERICK MILLIONAIRE. Rory's sister was needy, and Mac was tired of her clinging, but he didn't mean to accidentally blurt out his dissatisfaction with Shay on an open mic. It all blew up in his face, especially since it meant he couldn't explore this simmering attraction to Rory. He continued on to have a great career, with even better investment returns that made him a very wealthy man. He and his best friends work together on the hockey club and its success is vital for their future. After Mac's unfortunate injury, he's bent on getting healthy as soon as possible, and Rory is the best. Being around her reminds him that he once was attracted to her, but she shoots down any attempt by him to rekindle the flames.

Rory knows she's walking on thin ice by trying to keep her feelings for Mac hidden, but she owes allegiance to Shay after the breakup. While Shay might be married now, her neediness is still there, so if Rory got involved with Mac, all hell might break loose. But she agrees to accompany him to Puerto Rico, where the passion between them soon explodes. Can they keep it only a fling, with an agreement to walk away from the other when the trip is over? Or is there a chance of seeing where things might lead? Everything becomes complicated when a hurricane blows in, stranding Mac and Rory.

TRAPPED WITH THE MAVERICK MILLIONAIRE is the first book in the From Mavericks to Married series about the three best friends who all got their start with the Vancouver Mavericks pro hockey team. Their first priority is fielding a winning team, but romance and love soon enter their lives.

When Rory and Mac first met in TRAPPED WITH THE MAVERICK MILLIONAIRE, they became friends, then discovered an attraction that ended when the news of his dumping of Shay came out. Ten years later, they are about to rekindle the passion, but things have changed. Will they find happiness and love? Finding out in the sizzling TRAPPED WITH THE MAVERICK MILLIONAIRE.

Patti Fischer