Harlequin Desire #2419
ISBN: 978-0-373-73431-3
December 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

New York City – Present Day

After a scandalous breakup with her politician fiancé, writer Jaci Brookes-Lyon moves from her family home in Great Britain to New York City to pursue a chance to have her manuscript made into a movie. Unknown to Jaci, the company that is interested in her work is owned by her brother's best friend, billionaire producer Ryan Jackson. Jaci had a crush on Ryan when she was younger, but he never looked her way. Now, not only does he have a say in accepting her story to be turned into a movie, but due to a lecherous potential investor, Jaci and Ryan are romantically linked together.

Ryan is trying to forge a path into movie producing on his own and not on the wings of his famous father, and is interested in the story presented by a new writer. He didn't realize the writer was Jaci, his best friend's now grown up (and gorgeous) sister. They have to tread lightly when it comes to not upsetting the rich investor, despite the fact that the man is hitting on Jaci. Ryan agrees to her outrageous announcement that they're a couple dating one another, but that is as far as it goes. No way would Ryan bed Jaci…although his body has other ideas…

Raised in a family of overachievers and related to the British royals, Jaci has always felt inferior, and this opportunity in New York City to get  her manuscript made into a movie is a dream come true—and especially after the scandal that saw her breaking up with her ex after his secret lifestyle was exposed by the press. Unknown to Jaci, Ryan has some secrets in his past that he not only doesn't want exposed, but refuses to talk about. He is not close to his father, and that secret is part of the reason why. Now that they're “dating” each other, it forces Jaci and Ryan to interact a lot with each other, which leads to some sizzling chemistry—and hot kisses.

Both Ryan and Jaci are feeling the family pressure and the fame that they wish to escape and be recognized on their own. Ryan has succeeded for the most part, but he needs help financing the movie out of the manuscript Jaci wrote. As such, he has to tread lightly around the financier he's wooing, despite the fact the other man is determined to claim Jaci as a prize just to spite him. This causes Ryan to be protective of Jaci, and leads to not only battles between them (she wants to be independent), but a desire to make love. Will they soon find love—and a future together?

A steamy and intriguing romance, TAKING THE BOSS TO BED is a sexy tale I highly recommend.

Patti Fischer