From Mavericks to Married , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2463
ISBN: 978-0-373-73476-4
August 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

Vancouver, BC, Canada – Present Day

Pro hockey CEO Kade Webb and professional matchmaker Brodie Stewart started out as friends…sort of. They exercised together, and just as Brodie felt a flicker of attraction for Kade, a crisis had them not seeing one another for six months. Kade is now buying the Mavericks hockey team, along with two friends, Mac McCaskill and Quinn Rayne, when they rope in Brodie to provide free matchmaking services as part of a charity auction. To Kade's shock, Mac's fiancée, Rory, wins the auction and gives it to him. Realizing that he's attracted to Brodie, he goes over to her place to warn her that he won her prize, but before he gets the chance, he ends up making love to her.

Brodie has a rule to not get involved with clients. After a night spent with Kade, she learns to her horror that he is now her client, although it is for a charity and publicity as the team plans to publicize his three dates with the matches provided by Brodie. While the desire still pulses between them, she makes it clear that she is not going to pursue it. Then, Brodie discovers that their broken condom created a baby. What are they going to do now?

Years ago, Brodie lost her parents and two friends in a horrific car crash where she was the only survivor. She feels guilt for being the only one alive, and as such feels she doesn't deserve love or marriage. She's rarely gotten involved with men, but for some reason Kade is her exception. He's charming and can have any woman he wants, but it's Brodie he's drawn to. One kiss and soon they can't get enough of each other. When Brodie realizes she's pregnant, she makes it clear to Kade that he doesn't have to marry her or feel responsible for supporting her or the baby. While he's stunned at her news at first, he soon wants to be there for them. He also pressures her to marry him, but she refuses.

Kade and Brodie have learned to be self-reliant and depend only on themselves for the past few years. They have friends, but when it comes to emotional security and looking for love, they plan to go solo. In PREGNANT BY THE MAVERICK MILLIONAIRE they're going to have to reevaluate where they thought their lives were heading, because now a little baby is about to tie them together. Will they see that their future should be something they can build on together? While this tale is part of the From Mavericks to Marries series, it can pretty much be read as a standalone.

PREGNANT BY THE MAVERICK MILLIONAIRE is filled with passion and enough emotion to make readers ready to root for Kade and Brodie to get together. Can they discover the right path to happiness? Find out in the entertaining PREGNANT BY THE MAVERICK MILLIONAIRE.

Patti Fischer