Secrets of the A-List , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2542
ISBN: 978-0-373-83869-1
Sept 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Santa Barbara, California – Present Day

Billionaire businessman Jonas Halstead has worked hard in his family's hotel business, but the company ownership is still controlled by his grandfather, Jack. One day Jonas is called in to meet with Jack, and he's informed that he must marry within ninety days or Jack will turn over control of the company to Jonas's father. Jonas won't let that happen if he can help it because of the mutual dislike between father and son. The problem is that there is not currently a woman in Jonas's life, and he can't determine who would be perfect for a temporary marriage in name only…until he spots Katrina Morrison.

Katrina—Kat to her family and friends—has worked as a hostess for a couple of years at one of the hottest west coast celebrity restaurants, where discretion is the name of the game.  She is aware of Jonas Halstead (who hasn't heard about the sexy playboy), but he is way out of her league. But one day he stops to chat with her and later offers her an outrageous proposal. Marry him for ten months and he'll deposit sixteen million dollars in her bank account. Kat needs the money desperately. Not only is she in debt, but she's covering the medical expenses of her cancer stricken aunt. While Jonas's offer has a no sex clause, both realize that may soon be on the table.

It's a fairytale for Kat in CONVENIENT CINDERELLA BRIDE when Jonas sweeps her off her feet with an amazing offer of marriage—for money, of course. He's clear to her in that he doesn't love her and isn't looking for a long-term commitment. That's fine with Kat because she has her own future planned and that doesn't include marriage again (she was once married, but it ended in a divorce). Getting her aunt healthy is her top priority, even though it means skimping on herself. Kat “borrows” designer dresses to wear to work and then returns them the next day—as long as the tag is still attached. Unfortunately, in an encounter with Jonas one night, he “nicely” removes the tag off her dress. Now Kat owes $1300 for a dress and she is already financially over her head. Let's just say the relationship between Kat and Jonas didn't exactly get off to a great start.

Jonas works tirelessly in the company and doesn't want to see his father come in and try to destroy it once again because the man has a gambling problem. However, Jonas hasn't told his grandfather about the gambling because there was an agreement with his father to keep it secret in exchange for him leaving the company.  Since then, Jonas has built the company up to bigger and better success, and marriage is not currently in his plans. Jonas finds himself attracted to Kat, but will bedding her only complicate their already complicated “business” relationship? Being around her has him feeling happy for the first time in his life. Is she in fact “the one?”

Kat and Jonas banter back and forth, but one thing they agree on is that family loyalty comes first. Their chemistry is fiery hot, and readers will be rooting for them to find their happily-ever-after. After all, Jonas is Kat's Prince Charming. Grab a copy of CONVENIENT CINDERELLA BRIDE and read all about their fairy tale.

Patti Fischer