Peach Leaf, Texas , Book 5
Harlequin Special Edition #2488
ISBN: 978-0-373-65970-8
July 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

Peach Leaf, Texas – Present Day

As June Leavy is leaving the restaurant where she works, she discovers two abandoned puppies in the alley. With a raging, icy snowstorm outside, the poor puppies are nearly frozen to death. June decides to take them to the nearest veterinary, where Dr. Ethan Singh, whose father actually owns the practice, opens the door to June and the puppies. After ensuring they are healthy, June is about to leave when the lights go out. The storm has dumped several inches of snow, and they're now stranded. June soon realizes she's attracted to Ethan. Will the night turn out to be the longest she's experienced, or one she won't forget?

Ethan is back in town after a bad breakup, so he isn't looking for a new relationship. But he likes June. She's sweet, pretty and unassuming. As the night goes on, he discovers she's unlike any other woman he's known before. But as a man who has vowed not to plunge into another relationship, is he playing with fire? Will their friendship—and romance—continue once they're no longer stranded together?

Neither Ethan nor June was looking for love, but in PUPPY LOVE FOR THE VETERINARIAN they find each other. June is, herself, just getting over a failed relationship after the man she thought she loved stole money from her. She has dreams of one day opening a bakery, but all that flew out the door when she lost her money. Ethan thought he'd found the woman he'd spend the rest of his life with, but it turns out she already had a fiancé. Ouch. Licking his wounds in Peach Leaf, he's content to cover for his dad while his parents are away. Then, into his life walks June.

Intermixed with their blooming romance in PUPPY LOVE FOR THE VETERINARIAN, there are the two little abandoned puppies. June grows to care for them, but Ethan thinks she is wanting to find good homes for them, which leads to a lack of communication between them. She thinks he isn't considering her feelings, while he wonders why she's suddenly cold toward him. Ethan and June need to start communicating with each other, because maybe then they'll realize they need to open their hearts…to each other. While this tale is part of the Peach Leaf, Texas series, it can easily be read as a standalone.

A warm, engaging romance about a vet and a wannabe bakery store owner, PUPPY LOVE FOR THE VETERINARIAN is the perfect book to cuddle up with your pets and sigh as June and Ethan fall in love.

Patti Fischer