PURSUED – Tracy Wolff
The Diamond Tycoons , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2403
ISBN: 978-0-373-73416-0
October 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

San Diego and Los Angeles, California – Present Day

Reporter Desi Maddox met the mysterious Nic at a social event one evening, and it turned into a steamy one-night stand. Afraid to face possible rejection the next morning, she left his apartment before he woke up. Several weeks later, when her boss assigns her to a big story about a diamond company possibly selling “dirty” diamonds, she is shocked to learn one of the brothers who own the company is her one-night stand, Nic Durand. She also learns that same day she's pregnant with his child. Desi had hoped to avoid Nic, but when he comes storming into her office to confront her about the story she's written, both are in for a surprise.

Nic didn't forget his one-night stand, but after she failed to respond to his text messages, he moved on. After realizing that Desi is responsible for the slanderous story set to be printed in the newspaper, he's angry at what he sees as her deception, but it all goes out the window when he discovers she is pregnant. The story turns out to be falseeventually, but the distrust between Desi and Nic soon sets the tone for their relationship. He wants to be a part of his child's life, while she hates the control he wants over her life. Can they come to a compromise...for the baby's sake?

They had only one night together but it resulted in a baby in PURSUED by Tracy Wolff. After a tumultuous childhood that had her being abandoned by her journalist father after her mother died, Desi is trying to follow in his footsteps, but only finds herself assigned to society events. A chance at a huge story about Nic's company could be her ticket to success, but she's toeing the line when she realizes he is one of the owners. The chemistry between them is hotter than ever, and Nic is ready to pick up where they left off that night. However, Desi is afraid giving into Nic will mean giving up her freedom…both emotional and physically. It's a battle of wills for both. Who will finally win, or can they find a way for both to win?

Nic is ready to move in on Desi's life, while she's hoping to keep him at an arm's length. With Nic in hot pursuit of keeping the mother of his baby in his life, Desi intends to make it miserable for him, like agreeing to let him move in, but no sex between them. Of course, it doesn't take long in PURSUED when the “no sex” rule is broken…multiple times. Is Nic only interested in Desi because of the Durand heir she's carrying? Or is there a chance they can find love and a happily-ever-after?

A steamy romance that features a couple facing new responsibilities as parents, PURSUED is a tale that is pure fun to read. Grab a copy for yourself before it is off the shelves.

Patti Fischer