CAPTIVE SOUL - Anna Windsor
Dark Crescent Sisterhood , Book 4
ISBN: 978-0-345-51390-8
January 2011
Paranormal Romance

New York - Present Day

Camille Fitzgerald is a Fire Sybil, one of a sisterhood of women who command the elements of earth, air, fire and water.  Bred from birth to be a warrior who fights evil in the world, Camille has always felt like an outsider since the fire that is core to her being manifests itself in much different ways than in the powers of her sisters.  Picked on and ignored as a child, Camille is finally comfortable that she's found a fighting team, a quad with one fire, water, air, and earth wielder that accepts her.  Unfortunately, her childhood insecurities have followed her into adulthood, and she's often worried that she'll let her team down, especially since she already has in her mind the time when she let the demon Strada escape.

John Cole has already lived many lives, and his latest incarnation is taking some getting used to.  A former priest who became a soldier and then a ghost, John now inexplicably inhabits the body once used by a former demon.  The good news is he's alive.  The bad is the demon hasn't left the body, and John is in a constant internal struggle to retain control.  Camille Fitzgerald was instrumental in his reincarnation, and John is as intrigued with her as he is attracted to her.  But can she see past the demon's body to the man within?

Camille is incredibly surprised to discover the essence of John Cole in the body they formerly knew as Strada, but in her soul, she's knows it's John.  She has very little time to process this, as well as her attraction to John, as demons have been popping unexpectedly into the world, keeping the Sibyls and their partners on their toes.  Camille has also learned more about her power and why it manifests differently, scaring her enough that she wants to go back into her shell.  Will she find the courage to both love a strong man and potentially die to save the world?

An entertaining dip into the paranormal world, CAPTIVE SOUL is a wild ride that will keep readers on their toes.  Camille has always had fears with respect to her powers and place in the sisterhood, and the tale gives you a glimpse into the childhood and other events that solidified those concerns.  She's an engaging heroine who will draw readers in and have them rooting for her in both battle and love.  John has gone through quite a bit in his life, but Camille has changed his focus from just killing demons to thinking about a future.  His love for Camille is apparent and gives her and their relationship a strength that just might help them make it through the challenges they face.

Although understanding the background of the Dark Crescent Sisterhood from previous books in the series is helpful, CAPTIVE SOUL stands well enough on its own.  Secondary characters are interesting and provide background as well as set-up for future books in the series.  A sizzling read for a cold night, pick up your copy of CAPTIVE SOUL today.