Dark Crescent Sisterhood , Book 6
ISBN: 978-0-345-51391-5
February 2011
Paranormal Romance

The Island of Kerkira , Greece , and New York City , New York Present Day

Jack Blackmore is an FBI agent working with the New York Police Department.  He goes to the Island of Kerkira to talk Andy Myles into coming back to the NYPD to help fight the demons.  Andy recently discovered that she has elemental powers and is in training as a water Sibyl.  She can use water as humans use air, breathing it and using it to her advantage.  The motherhouse for the newly formed Sibyls is in Kerkira , but she and the ancient Sibyl, Elana, plan to move it to a more convenient location.  Young water Sibyls are coming to them from around the world to train.  They are dedicated to aiding the weak against the stronger supernatural negative powers.

Jack sees Andy walk out of the sea in her lacy underwear, a beautiful sight to behold.  Andy hates Jack and has even tried to kill him a few times.  But New York needs Andy as many people are being slaughtered, torn limb from limb.  Back in New York , four Sibyls examine a mutilated body in a warehouse, and when Andy gets a glimpse of the killer, she is horrified.  She has no idea what it is, and as they follow the scent, Andy hears a voice calling her name as the group is almost annihilated.

Samuel Griffen wears an elemental necklace to protect himself from the Sibyls.  He has injected a group of humans with serum to become a strong killing force.  The men are controlled by Samuel's coven of twelve.  His half-sister, Rebecca, is frightening, even to Samuel.  He is not sure what she is, but she loves blood and killing.  He controls her with a wrist band.  One man is locked in a special cell.  He is very powerful and it takes all thirteen of the coven to control him.  Andy killed Samuel's father, and he wants her dead.

Things begin to change between Jack and Andy.  He is attracted and protective of her, and she reluctantly begins to feel some tender feelings toward him as they investigate the murders.

The Dark Crescent Sisterhood is composed of fire, air, earth, and water Sibyls, all fighting evil.  Andy is feisty, irreverent, strong, and opinionated.  They are all fighting demonic creatures, putting their lives on the line.  Jack is working with them, determined to rid the city of the demons and other bad guys.  CAPTIVE HEART is a very imaginative story with some frightening characters, but hopefully good will win over evil before it is over.

CAPTIVE HEART is an engaging story to keep readers turning the pages and cheering for the Sibyls.  Major battles with weird and scary creatures trying to save New York from destruction keep the Sibyls using the elements to advantage.  Well written and entertaining, it is sure to keep the winter blahs away and take you on an exciting ride.

Marilyn Heyman