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MORTAL TIES - Eileen Wilks
A Novel of the Lupi, Book 8
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-25492-9
October 2012
Paranormal Romance

San Diego and San Francisco, California - Present Day

After the turmoil of the last few months, Lily Yu is hoping that convincing her fiancé to move the wedding venue to somewhere less conspicuous will be the most challenging thing she has to face this week.  As she is a special agent with Unit Twelve of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (the unit that deals with magic-related crimes) and her fiancé, Rule Turner, is the Rho of the Leidolf wolves and Lu Nuncio (heir) of the Nokolai clan, they bring enough attention on themselves as it is.  Holding a large public wedding in a place they can't guard well only seems to be inviting trouble as far as Lily is concerned.

Of course, trouble finds them pretty easily, and before she can really begin to address their concerns, there is an explosion on the mountain that draws their attention.  In the aftermath, Nokolai learns that the explosion and resulting fire were meant as a diversion so that a thief could steal the project that their friend and sorcerer, Cullen Seabourne, has been working on.  Just as they are learning how the theft could have taken place, they are contacted by the thief himself—the half-brother that Rule hadn't been aware that he had.  While they believe this man stole the prototype, Lily and Rule also believe that the person behind everything is Robert Friar, their old enemy.

The latest book involving the Lupi, MORTAL TIES throws a few surprises at Rule and Lily.  Rule was born Nokolai and has been his father, Isen's, Lu Nuncio for a while now and this is a role he is comfortable with.  The Leidolf mantle was thrust onto him, not by his choice, and while he's taken on the role of Rho, it has taken second to his place in Nokolai.  Now, thanks to circumstances, Rule is beginning to feel being Rho is more than a role he needs to assume.  Add in a surprise half-brother through his mother, born a few years after his mother left him with his father, and Rule's world is changing around him.  Lily is dealing with the fact that she has a ghost attached to her—a former dirty cop named Drummond—she also has to live with bodyguards, something completely foreign to a seasoned cop turned FBI Agent.

There is a lot going on in MORTAL TIES, and it may be confusing to someone unfamiliar with the series.  Eileen Wilks has created a world populated by humans, lupi, sorcerers, and even sidhe, and it's a world where the lines between good and evil may become blurred.  MORTAL TIES is a captivating tale, and I can't wait to read the next book in the series.

Jennifer Bishop