A Stardust, Texas Novel , Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-06-231143-6
May 2016
Contemporary Romance

Stardust, Texas – Present Day

Dallas Gunslingers' star pitcher Axel Richmond hurt his shoulder and needs recuperation, though the doctor is recommending surgery. He opts instead to go with the team's new physical therapist, Kasha Carlyle, who plans to have him rest the shoulder and do some yoga exercises. To make it easier for her, Axel will stay in Stardust, where she lives, at a teammate's house. From the moment Kasha and Axel meet, there is this sizzling zing of attraction between them, but getting involved could cause problems from the team due to player/patient protocol. Yet, nothing can stop them from the attraction that nearly overwhelms them at times.

Kasha is grateful for her adopted family taking her in after her parents' tragic death. She recently learned she has a half-sister, Emma, who is special needs, and that she is now her guardian. Kasha wants to have Emma move out of the group home she's in and into her home, but it's going to be a challenge. She took the job with the Gunslingers to help her achieve some financial stability, so jeopardizing her employment by getting involved with her patient—Axel—would be foolish.

Axel is known for his effervescent charm, but deep inside is a man still hurting from the loss of his son two years ago to cancer. His goal is to play for the New York Yankees, but his current injury has temporarily derailed his plans. Kasha attracts him like no other woman has before, yet she continues to be aloof and intent on keeping things platonic between them. Yet there's no denying this connection between them. She challenges him and he in turn gets her to slowly open up to him. The sexually charged chemistry between them is theirs for the taking if they want to give into it.

Two of Kasha's adopted sisters found their love via a mysterious hope chest that contains mysterious sayings and objects, of which only the couples can feel the magic. Readers can find the two sisters' stories in BACK IN THE GAME and RULES OF THE GAME, both out now. There is one more adopted sister to go and she's about to get the hope chest as the Stardust, Texas series continues.

The pain of the past colors Kasha's and Axel's present lives in LOVE OF THE GAME by Lori Wilde. He's convinced that he owes it to his late son to make it to the New York Yankees, while she thinks taking on the responsibility of caring for Emma will make everything all right. As the days spent together slowly move along, Kasha and Axel get to know one another to the point that they begin to open up to each other. Their camaraderie makes it easy for them to talk. Yet, the one thing they both want—giving into the passion between them—is mostly ignored. Will having sex force them to open up even further and lead to love? Do two damaged souls deserve happiness and love?

LOVE OF THE GAME will take readers on an emotional ride as Kasha and Axel fight the love that's growing between them. In the end, it will take trust, love and plenty of coming to an understanding that it's time to put the past behind them.

Patti Fischer