A Cupid, Texas Novel
ISBN: 978-0-06-221900-8
June 2014
Contemporary Romance

Cupid, Texas and New York City – Present Day

After leaving Cupid, Texas behind years ago, advertising whiz Melody Spencer has carved a nice life in New York City, and she's hoping a long-awaited promotion is about to be hers. Walking to work, she's sure that she's imagining things when she spots a cowboy who looks a lot like Luke Nielson, the man who was the main reason she left Texas. She had a huge crush on Luke in high school, but her world came crashing down when their feuding families found them making out. Shaking off the sighting, because there's no way he'd be in New York City, she heads to work…only to learn that she's being fired. To add to her woes, she arrives at the apartment she shares with her new boyfriend to learn from the doorman that she's being dumped and barred from the apartment. No place to go, Melody has a meltdown, only to be rescued by… you guessed it… Luke Nielson.

Seems Luke, as mayor of Cupid, is looking for Melody's help to market the town in order to save it after a devastating drought has scared away tourists. Of course, the simmering attraction between Melody and Luke roars to life once more, and they're soon locked in a hotel room making mad, passionate love. But with their families hating each other, there's no hope for any future between them other than this one stolen night.

Luke is desperate to help the town, but also has to admit he still has feelings for Melody, despite their feuding families' hostility putting a damper on any continued exploration of the passion between them. Luke has Melody unable to say no to his request asking her to return to Cupid, because she has no place to go in New York. She just hopes they can keep their distance, but fate ends up having them living next door to each other. Temptation may change her vow to stay away from him, but will it just add more fuel to the feuding family fires?

As the only daughter of Carol Ann Fant, Melody was raised to believe the Nielsons couldn't be trusted, but all that flew out the window when she fell for Luke back in high school. But after giving into their attraction, a terrible confrontation occurred, and it forever changed their lives. Melody fled Cupid, while Luke changed his career. To discover what happened that night, readers will have to read LOVE WITH A PERFECT COWBOY to find out.

Once back in Cupid, Melody begins to realize that Luke is right about the sad state of town's fortunes. Business is slower than molasses, threatening to shut some down and force folks to move away. The only drawback to developing a plan of action is that it requires she work closely with Luke. He's a temptation she can't resist, especially with him as her neighbor. With everyone in town watching—and waiting—to see if there are sparks between Melody and Luke, they can't let on that not only did they have a one-night stand in New York, but they're about to pick up where they left off…

LOVE WITH A PERFECT COWBOY is the final book in the Cupid, Texas series by Lori Wilde, and it goes out with a bang. Luke is the sexy, drop dead handsome cowboy who never forgot the woman he couldn't ever claim because of their feuding families. Readers will spot several characters from prior books, but LOVE WITH A PERFECT COWBOY can be read as a standalone without too much confusion. I must admit that I'll miss Cupid, with its cowboys and quirky characters.  Ms. Wilde infuses her stories with just the right sexiness, plus adds in enough humor to make her a must read author for me. In LOVE WITH A PERFECT COWBOY, romance readers are treated to a terrific tale with plenty of fun, sparkling dialogue, and enough sizzling heat to make it a book I highly recommend.

Patti Fischer