COWBOY, It's Cold Outside – Lori Wilde
A Twilight, Texas Novel , Book 13
Avon Books
ISBN: 978-0—6-246823-9
November 2017
Contemporary Romance

Early December in Twilight, Texas

Twenty years ago, ten year-old Cash Colton sang as his mother lay dying. She had given him her treasured Gibson guitar and told him never to fall in love or he'd never make it big in music. He followed her advice and made it big on the Country/Western scene. That is until a year ago when his girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend and his band broke up. And someone stole his Gibson.

Cash lost his inspiration and could no longer create songs. He spent a year in South America looking for his muse and came back to Texas at the request of his—strictly platonic—best friend, Emma. She asked him to play at a charity concert in Twilight.

Paige MacGregor has friends and relatives, but the only really close family she has left is her beloved Grammie, who suffers from bouts of Alzheimer's. Paige once had a lover, but he made off with all her assets, including her ability to trust. Still, her feelings woke up while working at one of her three jobs. She met a hot and handsome man who moved her. She had no idea he was a popular musician, only that he aroused feelings in her . . . feelings that included irritation! She was working as an usher at a Christmas play dressed as Santa's helper. The man in question tried to enter the theater before the doors opened. The cute little Santa Baby both irritated and amused Cash when she wouldn't let him in. The following squabble included attraction on both sides. Were there ever a more mismatched pair?

Twilight Texas is a small town with some very interesting inhabitants. Readers will get to know them, but Cash and Paige share center stage. They will move you even before they reveal their life stories, and you will be rooting for the seemingly impossible happy-ever-after. The story is told with humor as well as passion. Don't miss it.

Jane Bowers