A Stardust, Texas Novel , Book 1
ISBN: 978-0-06-231126-9
March 2015
Contemporary Romance

Stardust, Texas – Present Day

As the once sickly adopted child of a family she adores, aspiring author Breeanne Carlyle wishes she could break out of the protectiveness she's been placed in. When it's announced that ex-pitching star (and town celebrity) Rowdy Blanton is looking for a ghostwriter for his tell-all book, Bree arrives at his house applying for the job. He's surrounded by beautiful women who are also applying, but it's Bree he hires. Maybe he feels safer working with a mousy virgin? Bree wants to make a good impression in crafting a truthful tell-all and needles Rowdy into exposing his deep secrets, but she goes too far and it ends up with them locking horns—and very soon…lips.

Rowdy's baseball career ended after a brutal, anonymous beating. He suspects who is behind it and why, but does he dare expose the truth in his autobiography? Bree is sweet and unassuming, and wears a cheetah scarf that's as soft as her skin, yet there's something about her that raises his temperature…and other body parts. Bree should be no match for the lothario and formerly fun loving pitcher, but she forces him to look deep inside at what he wants for the future. And after they acknowledge their mutual attraction, Rowdy is determined to take it easy and slow, even if Bree has other ideas.  But will the resulting book cause problems, specifically in raising the ire of the person behind the attack on Rowdy?

Lori Wilde introduces readers to a new series set in Texas with BACK IN THE GAME. Bree has been sickly most of her life and is finally feeling better and ready to spring into a new life. A chance meeting with a mysterious old lady at an auction has Bree in possession of a mysterious hope chest that has no key. While at the auction, she also encounters Rowdy and inadvertently gives him a glimpse of her cheetah panties. He can't stop thinking about it, and when she shows up at his house as one of the applicants for the ghostwriting job, he latches onto her as a safe alternative instead of the pawing, lust crazed women who also applied. As a man who used to like it on the wild side, there is something about their mutual cheetah garment attraction that stirs the passion between them. Both he and Bree think the scarf is soft, while others who have felt it says it is too prickly. Is there a message in the scarf?

Bree has always been a secret fan of Rowdy, and to finally get the chance to work with him has the inner fan girl in her going crazy. Of course, he won't see her as anything other than an employee, but her pluckiness and willingness to battle him when he pushes her away has him noticing her. The fact that he can't get out of his mind knowing what panties she's wearing…well, it has him crazy with lust. Rowdy doesn't want to be Bree's “first time” but she is way too tempting, especially after he begins to reveal more secrets about himself than he intended. How long before the temptation gives into red hot passion? Can Rowdy give Bree any chance for a future together?

BACK IN THE GAME has at its core the four adopted daughters of Dan and Maggie Carlyle, and the sisters are each about as different as the seasons. Bree was abandoned by her mother, who fled rather than face the prospect of caring for a sickly child. Dan and Maggie, as well as the other girls, are overly protective of Bree and see Rowdy as a threat to lead her down a wicked and wild road. What they don't know is that Bree wants that to happen, just to break out of her good girl reputation. Rowdy resists at first, but even he can't wait to taste her sweet lips…and more. Their road to seduction takes a while to happen, but once Bree gets a sample of the passion Rowdy can provide, she falls head over heels in love with him. But in BACK IN THE GAME, is it just one-sided?

In this fun, entertaining tale full of deep, simmering sexual tension, watch Rowdy meet his match in Bree and reach for something they both thought was unattainable: Love.  Grab a copy of BACK IN THE GAME and see what I mean.

Patti Fischer