Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-26556-7
September 2014
Historical Romance

England - Regency Period

Harry Rayburn, rejected by the young lady he had been courting for being too boring, took his disappointment to the Silk Road Club to drown his sorrows. Sometime later, a little the worse for wear from drinking, he leaves the club only to be nearly rundown by a runaway carriage with a woman holding the reins. His chivalrous nature kicks in and he grabs the carriage and pulls himself into the back. When he climbs onto the front seat and attempts to gather the reins from the wild-looking woman, she roughly pushes him back into the carriage. This carriage isn't out of control, but driven by a female with rare expertise. She refuses to stop. Later, when one of her team throws a shoe, she stops. Then Harry learns she is trying to stop her younger sister from eloping and making a disastrous marriage.

At nineteen, Leannah Wakefield married a sixty-five year old neighbor at her father's request. It was one more way Leannah attempted to save her family from her father's financial debacles. Leannah knows the man her sister Genevieve has eloped with is not suitable and plans to stop the marriage. She and Harry arrive at an inn along the way before her sister and her suitor arrive. Harry sends the man on his way, and instead ends up married to Leannah.

Leannah is surprised to learn her husband is wealthy and works for a living. Neither her nor Harry's families is happy with the union. Leannah's reputation is in ruins as a gold digger from her previous marriage. There are more problems. One deals with her younger brother, to whom her deceased first husband left his estate; another is a suitor who expected to marry Leannah. Yet she and Harry are determined. Both are likeable characters who share not only a strong sense of responsibility but also a strong sexual attraction. Quite often, the reader is placed in the characters' imaginations as well as in their bed. This is a very sensual story with enough conflict to make it exciting…a good read.

Robin Lee