Sons of Country , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2556
ISBN: 978-0-373-83883-7
November 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Flying Creek Ranch, Texas – Present Day

Journalist and single mom Libby Penn is staying on Matt Clark's “recreational” ranch for a reason: she's hoping to nail an interview with him about his feelings toward the man who secretly fathered him. Libby is currently in the process of writing an authorized biography for a famous country singer, who happens to be Matt's father. She knows the task is going to be difficult because father and son are estranged, but the sexy cowboy is certainly pleasant to look at. She introduces herself to Matt, where he rebuffs her request for an interview, but the sizzling attraction between them can't be denied.

Matt wishes to keep his father out of his life. His mother was his father's secret mistress for years, but after the wife found out about it, the affair was broken off and Matt was abandoned by his father. This left a mark on Matt, and is the reason he refuses to have contact with the man, or for the truth of his parentage to come out. He is attracted to Libby, but she is a widowed mother with a son. Matt recently divorced a widow with twin daughters who wasn't yet over her late husband, and he doesn't want to go down that road again…

In WRANGLING THE RICH RANCHER, Libby and Matt discover an attraction that neither expected, but the roadblocks to finding a happily-ever-after will be tough to avoid. Libby needs the money to support herself and her son, so writing a biography about a legendary country singer is something she can't turn down. Matt's father wants to make amends with his son, but the hurts of a long time ago can't be brushed aside, not when a son was ignored for nearly twenty years. Matt's attraction to Libby is unexpected, but he fights it. He can't afford to lose his heart again, especially when it involves another widow. Add in that Libby wants Matt to cooperate by agreeing to be interviewed, then they're headed for a stalemate.

Libby loved her late husband and hasn't forgotten him, especially with a son who looks just like him, but she's ready to move on. At first, she thinks a temporary fling with Matt would be a nice way to pass time at the recreation ranch (it's like a dude ranch but has activities for children also), but the more she's around him, the deeper she's falling for him. Libby finally lets Matt know her feelings, but how will he react?

WRANGLING THE RICH RANCHER is the first book in the Sons of Country series, and while Matt's half-brothers are mentioned and not seen, I suspect they will be the focus of future books. At the heart of the series is the famous father who has built a mega superstar career, but now he's ready to bring his family together as one.

A sizzling and emotional romance that will tug at the hearts of readers, grab a copy of WRANGLING THE RICH RANCHER the next time you're shopping for books.

Patti Fischer