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ISBN 10: 1-4405-5224-X
ISBN 13: 978-1-4405-5224-3
eISBN 10: 1-4405-5223-1
August 2012
Romantic Comedy

Atlanta, Georgia – Present Day

Kyle McKinney meets her neighbor, Kyle McKinney, after being visited by a woman singing and stripping a happy birthday to her (even though it is not her birthday).  The two Kyles then fight over the mail addressed to Kyle McKinney!  It is a good thing that the female Kyle's male counterpart goes by the name of Mac.   She lives in apartment 301, and he is in 310 to add to the confusion.

Kyle is a flight attendant for SkyBlue Airlines flying out of Atlanta.  Her best friend is Annie, another flight attendant.  Mac teaches accounting at a local private school, and is a buttoned down, serious type of person where Kyle tends to be more flamboyant.  Will she look at Mac more favorably after he teaches her a comical and sexy game of darts?  And gives her a hot kiss in the elevator when they are stranded?

Kyle and Mac agree that they are too different to become anything other than friends, but somehow, circumstances keep throwing them together.  Another Neighbor, Mrs. Gradomski, is always sticking her nose out of her apartment to see what is going on.  When she falls, she calls Mac for help getting up, but because he cannot leave his job, he calls Kyle to help the elderly Mrs. G.  More mix ups follow between Kyle and Kyle—for example, who sent the box of sex toys, and who were they meant for?  And what should they do with them?

THE NAME OF THE GAME is a short story without a lot of substance, but is funny and entertaining.  Mac wears his sweater vests, and Kyle wears her Carmen Miranda outfits, both different personalities who can't help but be attracted and fanaticize about each other.  But can a Kyle McKinney and a Kyle McKinney get together?  Too funny!  This is the comical premise to the story that readers are sure to appreciate.  Mac has some surprises in store as the story moves along at a good pace.

THE NAME OF THE GAME is a romantic romp and a laugh a minute.  It is light-hearted and fun.  Check out www.lisaweseman.com .

Marilyn Heyman