Undercover Operatives Series, Book 3
Harlequin Blaze #666
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-79670-0
February 2012
Series Romance

Black Oak, California Present Day

Con artist Gabriel Black is a bad boy coming home for his brother's wedding.  Danita Cruz is an undercover FBI operative who's focused on watching his every move.  Gabriel has been forced into a planned sting that sets up his entire family, especially his father, Tobias Black, for a huge fall, right into the FBI's waiting hands.  Danita is there to see that Gabriel does his job so she can put an end to this deadly crime-family syndicate.

Finally back home in Black Oak after many years away, Gabriel introduces Danita as his fiancée, not as his girlfriend as she instructed.  He wants to get even with her for playing games with his family, and the best way he knows to do that is to turn the tables and keep her under his thumb.  Besides, the woman is pure eye candy, and Gabriel is hoping for some fun and games in the bedroom while he keeps said eye on her.

SEX, LIES AND VALENTINES is full of all the best crime novel tidbits.  Gabriel is the black sheep of the family, a bad son out to do his family in just to save his own skin.  Danita is the good girl trying to get better.  Growing up as perceived trailer trash, she's grateful for the person who gave her a chance to make something of herself, and busting Tobias Black will surely land her up there with the top brass in her career.  But once immersed into Gabriel's family, Danita begins to see them for who they really are, a nice bunch of people who might or might not be the notorious crime family she was led to believe they are.  With lots of twists and turns, lies, and betrayals, SEX, LIES AND VALENTINES is a fast paced book.  Although the ending is a little abrupt, the pages draw satisfactorily to a close.

SEX, LIES AND VALENTINE is book three in the Undercover Operatives series, and I advise readers to collect all three books and read them from the beginning.  Having not read the first two books, I was a little lost in the first few chapters, a feeling that remained throughout the entire book.

SEX, LIES AND VALENTINES is a hot title for the cold February days!

Diana Risso