Harlequin Blaze #750
ISBN: 978-0-373-79754-7
April 2013
Series Romance Double Book

Miniseries: The Wrong Bed
Manhattan, New York to San Francisco, California - Present Day

Marni Clare has every intention of moving from the style section of her magazine into the role of investigative reporter, and the tip she just got will definitely help.  She happens to be in the ER, in position to overhear an FBI Agent talking about an expert witness in the well-publicized upcoming trial of crime boss Charles Barnes, and finds out that the agent will be traveling from Manhattan to San Francisco by train.  Though an inexperienced porter messes up her reservation, Marni finds herself in a private berth as the themed party train leaves the station.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Hunter knows it's his own fault that a car accident and subsequent explosion ruptured his eardrum, making it impossible for him to fly to San Francisco in time for his trial.  Traveling by train will allow him to pull together enough info that he'll be able to keep the supposedly deceased Mrs. Barnes off the witness stand.  Exhausted from his accident, Hunter falls into bed and is soon having the most erotic dream of his life, until suddenly his dream woman demands to know what he's doing, and Hunter realizes there's an actual woman in his berth.  Since Marni was in the berth first, he really has a difficult time tossing her out, but he's not real thrilled with her idea to share the berth.  Not only does he have a highly classified case to work on, Marni just may be more temptation than Hunter can ignore.

Two career-driven people are thrown together on the MIDNIGHT SPECIAL, a party train with a film noir theme.  Hunter's father is a legend in the FBI, and that legend, as well as his father's support, has helped Hunter in his own career as much as it has in his life.  His desire to be like his father is what drives Hunter.  Marni, on the other hand, wishes to be like her Aunt Robin, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist whom Marni has never met because Robin's choices caused an estrangement within the family.  Marni knows that her family doesn't understand her or her ambition, but she's unwilling to be like her numerous cousins; marrying and then putting family ahead of a career.

From the moment they meet —well, before they technically meet—there's a sizzling chemistry between them.  Both have focused so completely on their careers and have no desire to change that.  Yet, it doesn't take long for them to separately come to the conclusion that they may have met the one person to change their minds.  But there are secrets and half-truths between them that could ruin any chance of a relationship.

Southern California - Present Day

Six years ago, just before Belle Forsham was to walk down the aisle and marry Mitch Carter, she found out about a business deal between Mitch and her father and, heartbroken, called off the wedding.  Now, she and her best friend, Sierra, run a successful event planning company, but she's worried about her father's business.  The deal he and Mitch were working on fell apart, but her father was left with a pricey bit of property, and his recent health scares aren't helping his company at all.  When Belle receives an e-mail from Mitch's secretary asking to meet, she decides she can kill more than one bird with this stone, and agrees to see him.  Hopefully, in addition to getting the event planning job, she can ask Mitch for advice about her father, as well as apologize for the immature way she ended things.

With the string of bad luck he's had lately, Mitch shouldn't be surprised that Belle is the hottest event planner in town.  Belle's ideas are a little different from what he'd had in mind, but he can see the appeal to them, and how they will help his business—if only he didn't have to work with his sexy ex-fiancée.  Belle is even more alluring than she was six years ago, but Mitch decides that in addition to putting aside the hurt and humiliation he felt when she walked out, he'll also have to ignore the lust.

In COMING ON STRONG, a once-engaged couple gets a chance to get things right.  The first time around, Belle was hoping for an affair, but Mitch wasn't about to get involved in a casual relationship with his new boss's princess of a daughter.  The business deal with her father wasn't the only enticement to marrying Belle, and her pre-wedding jitters, added to the insinuation that he's looking more towards business than marriage were enough to send her running.  Now though, Belle's not about to take no for an answer when it comes to sex, in spite of the fact that he's adamant about not mixing business with pleasure.

Belle and Mitch have some misunderstandings and miscommunications standing between them, but as they are thrown together with work, they can't ignore the chemistry they share.  Is there a chance that this time things will work out between them?  Read COMING ON STRONG TO FIND OUT.

Jennifer Bishop