Uniformly Hot!
Harlequin Blaze
ISBN: 978-0-373-79823-0
November 2014
Series Romance

Las Vegas, Nevada and Annapolis, Maryland - Present Day

Frankie Silvera is hoping that a weekend in Las Vegas at her friend's wedding will help her forget for a while that her career is shot and she's living with her grandmother again.  She also is hoping to hook up with a teammate of the groom, but not just any of the sexy SEALs will do; Frankie wants her fantasy man, Lieutenant Phillip Banks, the brother of the bride.  For the first time in a while, luck seems to be with her, and not only does Frankie find Phillip, she spends an amazing evening with him, with the added bonus of getting some creative ideas for her unique jewelry.

Phillip Banks has always done what's expected of him, both as the son of a wealthy high society couple, and as a SEAL, but since his capture and torture, he's had some difficulties controlling his anger.  What's kept him going is planning the mission to take down the man who captured him, but when he's told that not only will he not be part of that mission, but he's also being sent to Annapolis to teach, he comes close to losing it completely.  Phillip hadn't really planned to stay in the family home while in Maryland, but when he finds out that the sexy woman he met at his sister's wedding is actually his housekeeper's granddaughter, he's blown away.  He isn't looking for a relationship, but Frankie makes it clear that she's willing to pick up where they left off, and Phillip just can't resist her.

From the time she was a teenager, Frankie had a bit of a crush on Phillip, and in CHRISTMAS WITH A SEAL she finally has a chance to live out her fantasies.  A silversmith who had worked primarily with jewelry, Frankie's creativity was blocked and before long, her business had failed. Phillip is still dealing with the trauma of his torture and feels like a failure because of the situation that led to his capture.  Being removed from the team to take down his abductor seems like one more black mark against him.  Both Frankie and Phillip are struggling with their failures, but when they are together, they feel as though they are finally doing something right.

Frankie grew up with her grandmother, so she has a pretty good idea what Christmas was like in the Banks's household, and realizing that Phillip doesn't celebrate the holiday and has no special memories of it makes her determined to teach him the joys of the season.  Between the light-hearted holiday romance and the incendiary chemistry between Frankie and Phillip, CHRISTMAS WITH A SEAL is sure to warm up your cold winter nights.

Jennifer Bishop