A Team Poseidon Novel , Book 4
HQN Books
ISBN-13:  978-1-488-02002-5
November 2017
Military Romance

Hawaii and Coronado, California – Present Day

Lieutenant Commander Dominic Savino has just been accused of conduct unbecoming an officer, disobeying orders and conspiracy to commit treason in a court-martial trial.  Leader of the Poseidon SEAL Team for the last ten years, Dominic knows the past year has just been leading up to this, one of his team killed on a mission, another accused of selling secret material to the enemy for money, and now this.  Despite all their searching, the Team has been unable to find who is behind all the things happening to his team, and now the worst thing that could happen to a Navy SEAL has happened—being accused of treason.  Then he sees who is sitting beside the JAG (Judge Advocate General) for the military, Assistant United States Attorney Darby Raye, whom he just had a fling with two months before.

Two Months Before:
Nic Savino was ordered on mandatory leave because his SEAL team is involved in an investigation regarding a mission over a year ago where a member of their team sold them out for money.  The rogue team member got another member in their team killed and then tried to kidnap the son he never cared about.  Nic's life is his job, and his job is his life.  Ramsey is in the brig, but Captain Jarrett says they are still digging for whoever is involved in this plot to disgrace the Team, but the conspiracy seems to be bigger than they thought.  Maybe a week in Hawaii will take some of his nerves away and give him some distance to think things through.

Darby Raye has been ordered to take a mandatory vacation after two years with the United States Attorney's office.  She loves her job; her job is her life, and her life is her job.  But…the fine looking man having a drink at the outside bar could almost take her mind off her job, if she could just check out if his ass is as cute as the rest of him.

When Nic and Darby meet and decide a week's affair without knowing each other's jobs or last names sounds fantastic, they make the most of it every day.  Darby really has no friends, with a mother who lives on the other side of the country that she never had a real relationship with.  Having feelings for Nic just feels right, though, and he stirs up desires she's never felt before.

Nic enjoys how smart and determined Darby seems, and how beautifully they mesh and enjoy each other's company.  Nic is even thinking maybe they can forget their deal and see each other after the vacation, until two days before the week is up he is called in for an important mission.

Nic can't believe it when he sees Darby on the other side of the courtroom, and isn't even sure if she meant to meet him in Hawaii to get details of the case from him.  Darby knows this could be the biggest case of her career, a make or break, but the JAG, Lieutenant Thomas, is a man she dated several times and just won't leave her alone.  It seems his heart is set on prosecuting Nic, and not finding out the truth of what happened to Team Poseidon.

Tawny Weber's military romances are always tight and able to raise your blood pressure.  Nic is a proud SEAL, and his Team is a bond of the best of the best after ten years together.  Darby puts her work first and considers herself damn good at it, and despite misgivings, this case could be the making of her career and even get her a promotion.

All the members of Team Poseidon have Nic's back, despite knowing that if Nic is found guilty, it is likely that the entire Team will also be accused.  Captain Jarrett is their commander, and Admiral Cree is the one who had the idea for the Poseidon Team all those years ago and has been Nic's mentor.

CALL TO REDEMPTION will be one of the best military novels you will read this year.  The action, training, and dedication of the SEALs can be felt throughout the story, and Nic and Darby's conflict over prosecuting him must be dealt with before the truth will come to light.  Exciting and thrilling can't begin to describe this glimpse into the military we seldom see.  Grab it up today!

Carolyn Crisher