Uniformly Hot SEAL's , Book 9
Harlequin Blaze
ISBN: 978-0-373-79863-6
September 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Little Lake, Idaho and San Diego, California - Present Day

Lark Sommers gave up her career in order to take over her mother's coffee shop in Little Lake, Idaho, and it changed her life in more ways than she thought it would.  Since moving almost two years earlier, Lark lost not only her mom, but her boyfriend, and her pottery has become little more than a hobby thanks to the long hours needed to run the coffee shop. She's also pretty much given up on sex, because there aren't really a lot of lust-inspiring men in town.  Until Shane O'Brian walks through her door.

His career as a Navy SEAL has caused a rift between Shane and his mother, so he's rarely been back to Little Lake in the past several years.  When his younger sister calls and begs him to be there for her birthday, Shane knows he's being set up, but when he meets Lark, he's not all that upset about the upcoming confrontation with his mom.

Incendiary attraction has both Lark and Shane acting out of character in A SEAL'S TEMPTATION.  His mother's disapproval of his career as well as the type of work he does have kept Shane from forming attachments to any woman he dates.  He's watched his teammates find their perfect women, but he still can't imagine wanting a relationship for himself—until he meets Lark.  Lark has lost too much over the past few years and is reticent about opening herself up to more pain.  Of course, a year and a half without sex has her ready and willing when she realizes Shane is interested, and she figures with him leaving in less than a week, there won't be a chance for deeper feelings to develop.

A fun, sexy story, A SEAL'S TEMPTATION should not be missed.

Jennifer Bishop