Uniformly Hot!
Harlequin Blaze #739
ISBN: 978-0-373-79743-1
March 2013
Series Romance

Ocean Point, California - Present Day

Eden Gillepsie has spent her last few birthday wishes hoping for a hot man and good sex, but when Cade Sullivan comes back to Ocean Point, that wish becomes a bit more specific.  Since she was young, Cade has rescued Eden from her misadventures, so it shouldn't surprise her that the first time she sees him it's while stuck in a tree after trying to rescue a cat.  With other parts of her life falling apart, Eden decides to try to get one thing going her way and asks Cade out for drinks.  She may be about to lose her house, her fledgling veterinary business has very few clients, and the society snobs are making life difficult, but she's going to seduce Cade if it's the last thing she does.

Lieutenant Commander Cade Sullivan does not want to be in Ocean Point.  He and his father have never really gotten along, but when the elder Sullivan has a heart attack, Cade heads home.  Still reeling from the loss of his best friend, and with his uncle pressuring him to take an assignment as a trainer for the SEAL's, Cade would like to have a little break from the stress in his life, but finds more than he'd expected in Eden.  He remembers Eden as the younger girl-next-door with a penchant for clumsiness, and does his best to forget the vision of her naked (a sight he couldn't miss while rescuing her from one of her mishaps).  But when she makes it very clear that she's looking for a good time—from him—Eden complicates his life immeasurably.

The heat is turned up for two old friends in A SEAL'S SURRENDER.  Eden's always had a crush on Cade, but because of the age difference there's never been anything romantic between them.  In spite of being the fifth generation of Gillespies in Ocean Point, and having ancestors who helped settle the town, Eden is on the outside-looking in, partly because there's not a lot of wealth to back up the history.  She's put herself through school and hopes to support herself with her own veterinary clinic, but she doesn't have a lot of clients right now.  She's hoping to talk some of the social elite into becoming clients, but they're all more interested in the return of Cade.  Eden is just as excited Cade is home, but not about to let on to these snobby women that she still has a little bit of a crush on him.  After his best friend died in his arms, the doubts started for Cade.  Is this the right career path?  Is he qualified to lead men into the field?  And the one he won't admit to: is he burning out?  He's always kept his relationships short and discreet, which is why dating Eden is not a good idea.  Not only is she a good girl most likely looking for a husband, but any dating they do will be gossiped about by everyone in town (including his elderly grandmother).  Yet, he can't resist Eden, a woman who knows how to laugh at herself, isn't afraid of saying what she thinks, and most importantly, doesn't see Cade as the sexy SEAL or the wealthy Sullivan, but as a man.

A fun, sexy tale that will have you laughing at Eden's antics as well as fantasizing about what it would be like to have Cade all to yourself, A SEAL'S SURRENDER is a sizzling hit.

Jennifer Bishop