THE LAST MAN ON EARTH - Tracy Anne Warren
The Graysons Series , Book 1
Signet Select
ISBN-13: 978-0-451-46600-6
January 2014
Contemporary Romance

New York – The Present

As an art director in a high-powered New York ad agency, beautiful, talented, and ethical Madelyn Grayson considers her rival, Zack Douglas, an unprincipled, deceitful schemer of the worst order. Management places the two at odds over different accounts, trying to gauge which one deserves promotion.

On New Year's Eve, Madelyn and Zack unexpectedly share a night of sex, which leads to a clandestine affair. Rumor at the office is already rampant about Zack, labeling him a relentless womanizer. Nor does anyone at the office know she ended her romantic prospects with her childhood friend, the super-wealthy financier, James Jordan, either. He is her best friend, and she wants to keep it friends only. Madelyn doesn't want anyone to know she and Zack are lovers.

While Madelyn comes from a wealthy and upstanding family, Zack doesn't. Madelyn wants marriage and family, Zack doesn't. Their sexual attraction overpowers her reluctance about the relationship until she discovers she loves Zack—an impossible situation.

One of the things most compelling about this story is that author Tracy Anne Warren leads the reader to believe the wicked labels given Zack in the beginning, when in fact he is quite different. It takes Madelyn some time to discover this. She, Zack, and James create an interesting triangle, but the reader will sympathize and root for Zack even when it seems the affair is inevitably doomed. While sex heats the characters and passion rules their hearts, the story remains about the relationship and love not just the great sex, which makes it enjoyable reading.

Robin Lee