The Rakes of Cavendish Square Trilogy, Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-451-46924-3
March 2017
Historical Romance

England 1821

As the daughter of famed barrister Elias Carrow, Rosamund has learned much from his tutorship and her devotion to studying the work. When her father dies suddenly, leaving a handful of important cases to finish, and a son who, while following in Elias's footsteps, is totally inept at presenting in court, Rosamund knows what she must do. With her brother's instigation, she cuts her hair and dons his clothes. When she appears in court, she is distant cousin Ross Carrow, and she is, not surprisingly, very good at the job. Which begs the reason to Rosamund why can't women become barristers?

Lord Lawrence Byron is not used to losing cases in court. Therefore, he is intrigued when Elias Carrow's cousin appears out of nowhere and stomps all over him in his latest case. There is something mysterious about Ross Carrow, but Lawrence cannot put a finger on it. Inviting Carrow to his club, and later to a boxing match, the mystery deepens when Lawrence is drawn to the seemingly delicate young man. And Lawrence is decidedly a ladies' man! With the sudden realization that Ross cannot possibly be a man, Lawrence embarks on a venture to smoke out the real Carrow.

BEDCHAMBER GAMES has a delightful premise, and two entertaining lead characters. Rosamund is a brilliant woman with much to offer the legal field, but is stymied because of her gender. With the aid of her brother, she gets the opportunity to pursue her dream. Lawrence is equally brilliant, but more of a strait-laced member of the ton until he meets Ross/Rosamund.

Book three in the Rakes of Cavendish Square Trilogy, BEDCHAMBER GAMES was well written and a fun read. It can be read alone, but I recommend the first two books THE BEDDING PROPOSAL and HAPPILY BEDDED BLISS.

Jani Brooks