Harts of the Rodeo , Book 6
Harlequin American Romance #1429
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-75433-5
December 2012
Series Romance

Roundup Montana Present Day

Two years after he left the horrors of Afghanistan, former Marine Tomas Hart, aka Tuf, is coming home to his family.  Unaware that the family ranch has hit on hard times, Tuf walks into a wedding on his first day home, bringing mixed emotions from his siblings.  Two years is a long time to stay away, but he just couldn't get home, not until the time felt right.  His reasons are justifiable, but his family might not see it that way, and Tuf doesn't know how he can explain something he would rather forget.  Right now, the most pressing problem is finding a way to help Thunder Ranch stay alive.  This Tuf can do.  He plans to ride the ranch's stallion, Midnight, in the National Finals Rodeo.  If the family will won't take the money he's been saving all these years, he'll help by riding and winning the purse.

Cheyenne Sundell knew that Tuf Hart carried a torch for her back in school, but she never encouraged his attentions.  Their fathers did not get along, and a relationship between them would have been a disaster.  But there's been a lot of water under that bridge now; John Hart, Tuf's father, is dead, and Cheyenne's father, Buddy Wright, has quit drinking and is even helping the Harts out on their ranch.  Her brother, Austin, married Tuf's sister, Dinah, and now both families are at peace with one another for the first time in years.  When Tuf comes knocking on Cheyenne's door in the early morning, she's suspicious at first.  He says he just wants to be friends, but she knows he has more in mind.  And she would love to encourage him, but now she has her two little girls to think about.  Sammie and Sadie have been through too much after their father's suicide.  Her former husband, also a Marine, was demanding and controlling, and the last thing Cheyenne will do is subject herself to another relationship with a man of the same cloth.

Tuf wanted more than anything to get to know Cheyenne back in school.  And he's still interested.  And intrigued.  They've both been through hell and they have a lot of scars that need time to heal.  Even so, Tuf wants to get to know Cheyenne and explore these feelings of his.  She's skittish, but still the only woman who stirs his blood.

TOMAS:  COWBOY HOMECOMING is the sixth and final book in the continuity series, Harts of the Rodeo .  Tomas's story is that of a man who went away to war and returned a hero with scars he's been working to overcome.  Even though it is the sixth novel in the series, this book stands alone on its own merits.  I haven't read the other books in the miniseries, but I'm going to and order them! I was totally captivated with the Harts and the Wrights and their struggle to continue to live and work their Montana ranch in these tough economic times.

Tuf and Cheyenne have a long road to walk, but they're both strong, and determined to overcome their past nightmares.  Cheyenne wants to provide a secure and loving home for her twins, Sammie and Sadie.  Tuf is captivated by the girls and falling in love with their mother.  The cast of secondary characters includes the Hart and Wright families from the previous books in the series.  They are all dynamic and lively, and you'll fall in love with them just as I did!

Passionate and romantic, and just a great story, TOMAS:  COWBOY HOMECOMING is a winner.

Diana Risso